What Is Castling: Chess In Simple Words

What Is Castling Chess

What is castling in chess? When your opponent suddenly moves 2 pieces at a time, it looks like cheating. But it’s legal and often inevitable for better king’s protection. This is why it’s vital to learn this rule. Scroll down the article for nuances.

Jump And Protect

The move is only possible with 2 pieces: the king and a rook. Once the monarch flies over the square, the rook does the same, becoming a shield. Both fighters go left or right for 2+ cells (depending on which side the action takes place).

Here is an example:

Jump And Protect

It’s vital to first touch the main piece and only then the rook. Otherwise, your move risks being announced as impossible.

What Is Castling In Chess? Conditions To Meet

Moving your kings in such a way can only be performed only once in a match. Additionally, certain circumstances easily prevent it from happening. Such as:

  • You’ve already moved either of these two pieces or both of them
  • Someone is standing in the way: the movement trajectory must be free
  • The king is threatened with a check (the standard rule: you should first refute the danger)
  • The maneuver will then put the monarch in a square that is under fire
  • Any of the cells the king is going to fly over is within the enemy’s reach

In most cases, players use the opportunity to castle early on. It usually happens in 10-15 moves. However, sometimes it’s launched in the end. It’s especially impressive when you checkmate the opponent with castling. Like in the picture below:

What Is Castling In Chess

The black king has nowhere to retreat. Besides, the remaining soldiers can’t shield it from danger. White wins!

 2 Types Available

2 Types Available

The images above depict 2 ways you can castle. One is also called short because the rook is located closer to the monarch. As a result, it only jumps over 1 cell. It happens on the right side of the board.

The other one offers a completely different situation. Called long, it summons the rook standing far away to your left. To complete the maneuver, it’ll have to fly over 2 squares.

Most players opt for a short move. The goal of any opening is to finish the development of the pieces as fast as you can. As well as to hide the key fighter on the board. With a right-sided castling, it’s easier. You need to take away fewer obstacles for the maneuver to be available.

Wrapping Up

What is castling chess pieces? It’s a smart decision aimed at providing your monarch with better protection. Now you have a better understanding of how the maneuver works. Use it to build an invincible defense and outsmart your opponent. Check out this short video to refresh the key points of the article. Discover more about the benefits of castling in chess at Rchess.com.

Good luck in further studying and playing!