📌CHEKHOVER Variation in the Sicilian Defense #Chess with @ALEXXCHESS_2021

📌CHEKHOVER Variation in the Sicilian Defense #Chess with ALEXX CHESS GAEVSKI

Sicilian Defense – an amazing opening. So let’s learn even more about the Sicilian Defense.

So, E4, C5.
This is called the Sicilian Defense.
Knight F3. D6.
Standard moves.
He goes D4.
We take.

And here he takes with the queen.
This is called the Chekhover Sicilian.

So, after knight C6 he has to go back, obviously losing a bit of tempo.
But that doesn’t matter.

So, G6 – we start a fianchetto.
He goes C4.
We finish the fianchetto.
He goes knight C3.
We go knight F6.
Just developing our minor pieces, nothing unusual.

We castle.
He goes bishop E2.
We go knight D7, starting to jump around with the horse and maybe get it into a better position.

He castles.
We go queen B6.
We exchange the queen with our knight.
He goes knight D5.

And here we don’t take, we go knight A4 – attacking this pawn with the bishop from over here.

So he defends – B1 – and we just jump to C5, looking for openings.
And then we could disturb them with our beautiful, beautiful knight.

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But if after C6 he goes B5 pinning our knight, we go D7, getting rid of the pin.

He takes.
We exchange.
He pushes his pawns.
We go knight F6.
He goes knight C3.
Just developing pieces, nothing too special.

G6 – again fianchetto.
He castles.
We finish the fianchetto.
He goes back to D3.
We castle.

He develops his knight closer to the middle, an aggressive knight.

We go B6 trying to get rid of this knight.
He goes D1 with this rook trying to double down on the defense.

We go G4 with this amazing knight.
He goes queen D2.
And here we take the knight.

He takes our queen.
We take his queen.
He takes it with the rook.
We go F6.

And here we have a very, very nice knight, who can later on do some nice hops and manipulate around enemy territory.

00:07 E4, C5. It’s called the Sicilian Defense
00:40 Making castling
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01:34 Getting rid of the bunch
02:02 Aggressive horse
02:23 Good position

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