#1 Magnus v Ex-Blitz Champ MVL In Winners Final! Alireza, Giri In Losers Bracket | AI Cup 2023 Day 3

The inaugural AI Cup is the 6th and last regular event as the race to reach the $2 million Champions Chess Tour Finals reaches its climax! Watch the action:

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  1. why does nepo lose game despite having winning position? from few days i am watching these chess games, and yes he literally blunders the entire position,,,,, in the previous video he was helping alireza for queen promotion,,,,,, nepo is a very kind person😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 you i can't understand how did alireza stop himself from laughing,,,, i would have die laughing if my opponents helps me in queen promotion

  2. please don't remove this comment – i genuinely feel we need commentators who don't interrupt other commentators. Simon, Robert are among the best for example in allowing the others to complete their thoughts. That is not the case with one person in this commentary group 🙁

  3. 05:24:50
    miracles happen,,,,, huh,,,, it feels like these commentators are not happy because mvl won,,,, i hate it whenever magnus loses a game, blind fans say that magnus missed a best move,

  4. that's why i love agadmator better than anyone else, he does not make "Whoooaaaaaaa" sound if anyone loses a game,,,,, over acting is annoying,,,,

  5. What an amazing time to be a chess fan. The best players in the world are playing each other every other day it seems, and giving us amazing chess in the process. Too many highlights in the past week or so to count.

  6. So Magnus and MVL finish with 3 points each, but Magnus wins due to the Armageddon… anyone else feel like the Armageddon format is simply un-satisfying? Winning on a draw due to rules seems anti climactic and doesn’t really reflect the day’s play by both players. I understand there must be a tie breaker but draw odds for black seems too strong. Just my two cents

  7. Tania can’t pronounce H : “uuuge blunder”

  8. Staged, the last game before Armageddon was definitely staged at the end.

  9. I love watching these streams, but wow chat just a shitshow the entire time. If you can't moderate chat well, just turn it off, because nothing is ever productive in there.

  10. I'm so tired of those "what u gona do in your rest day" questions.

  11. MVL will beat Nepo but loses to Magnus in the grand final again.

  12. MVL was so good in the 3 last tournaments. He's coming back to his best

  13. We are living through the golden time of chess. The commentary is very high quality as well. I remember the 90s, when they tried to popularize chess on tv, and it failed. This is so much better.

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