4 Times Castling In Chess Is Bad

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You’ve been told to castle before move 10. And while that’s good a lot of the time, there are certain situations where it’s not the best idea to castle in chess. In this video, I will explain 4 situations you may want to consider NOT CASTLING.


  1. Thanks for another great video. 
    07:59 what is the system/opening you are playing as white there?

  2. As an intermediate player, that seems to be a very helpful tip. In a lot of situations I found out I can not attack the opposite king easily, but here we are when i castle sometimes i take away an opportunity away from myself.

  3. when people do the early pawn storm to prevent king side castle what is the best counter to punish them ?

  4. The position at 4:42 is not so hot for black. As black, you need to find a safe spot for the king. White is way ahead on development and black has a king in the middle and no where to castle. White can contemplate a sacrifice to leave blacks king completely exposed. White also has diagals open toward the back rank. I'd say white is fine there, 0-0 was not the best move, but white has a good game. I've found that not castling until the last opportunity works out well. Move 13 is the magic number. If I castle on move 13, I already have a good game.

  5. a ripoff of chess talk and chess talk mabye a ripoff of someone eles

  6. On 7:15 I think you would get checkmated bishop to H3 then queen to G2

  7. This is the best video of castling every one should watch this

  8. I love Chess Vibes! Very good content. Can you please do a video on chess strategies and tips when you CAN'T castle. In other words, your opponent just traded queens on d1 and you had to recapture with your king, taking away castling rights. Are there good strategies to follow when this happens. Thx!

  9. Castling is a great way to activate your rooks and move your king out of danger. However if you have a strong attack and you’re relatively confident that you can play forcing moves that will make your opponent play defensively, you can sometimes have more tempo by focusing on the attack. If you succeed in closing the centre and protecting it, you only want to redirect your king once you’re confident that you can also protect that side.

    Also, don’t be afraid to sometimes castle queenside if you have developed those pieces and are being attacked on the king side. I think lots of people take the principle too literally about castling early because it can be tricky to develop your queenside as quickly.

  10. Bad castle: Don't castle by touching the rook first.

  11. I’m surprised no one mentioned well 6th reason not to castle is when the King is protecting a piece. I have seen that in many many club games. Usually at the lower scale of the ratings but again blunders are the mishaps on the chess board!

  12. 1. You have already made weakening pawn moves on that side of the board

    2. If you are going to come under attack by a pawn storm

    3. When your king is actually just safer staying in the centre

    4. If it is going to prevent you from attacking on that side of the board

  13. In the example at 6:09, how is black castling "perfectly playable"? Can't white follow up with Bh6 and win a rook exchange?

  14. Don’t castle when your opponent has a matching color square bishop pressuring the edge pawn on the side your thinking of castling

  15. Ive been going into hippo style openings for white and black, starting with modern, larsen attack, pirc, etc into hippo style, and a lot of times i castle really late, or not at all, and my king is still protected with this type of opening for me. Im around 900 rapid 1800 puzzles, 28 survival, 1150 daily, and just started playing in november last year. Been seeing a lot of improvement thanks to your channel. Thank you for the info.
    Best chess channel by far imo!

  16. Love it when opponents castle. At this level attacking the King stuck in the corner is devastating.

  17. Worst time to castle is in atomic chess varient

  18. I usually play h3, but I play g3 after castling if my opponent has a dark squared bishop, that way he can't put it in the g2 diagonal and back rank mate me

  19. #5 When you want to play the Fried Fox Defense

  20. I like to do Queenside castle more since I always feels like I am buffing my Queen with some rook ammo(or reinforcement)

  21. speaking of castling,has anyone played the move O-O# or O-O-O#

  22. 0:30 You should have thought b4 playing g3

    (get it? b4 in that position is…)

  23. I push pond fowards lik that one both sides cuz im a nub

  24. I know one, when there isn't anything protecting the line with the king and 3 pawns are blocking the king, they can mate using a castle or queen

  25. Castle into a mate for extra style points. Worth it.

  26. schöne regel am anfang, hab ich allerdings noch nie gehört!

  27. Thank you as always to share your great knowldge to us , I have read in a book that there is one more time Castle may not be needed when there are eearly exchange of queens. (because that time main threatening peice is out from the board and game pace become slow )

  28. I once castled, but that allowed my opponent to trap my rook in 2 moves…

  29. "tempi" is def not right…lol (thanks for the video!)

  30. The way I taught myself with castling as a kid was, you almost always want to move your H pawn up so your king has an escape tunnel lmao All good castles had an escape tunnel

  31. I usually castle more to get the rook in the center fast than to defend the king, it happens that I already moved all the pawn on one side and I still castle to throw the rook straight into the action

  32. Can you tell me a app to go to 1300 to get even higher

  33. conclusion: dont castle if its safer without it

  34. I made mistake #3 once – regretted it, got into a tough spot

  35. 6:30 And that’s exactly why I almost always castle on the king’s side. The queen’s side is just too risky

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