4 Times Castling In Chess Is Bad

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You’ve been told to castle before move 10. And while that’s good a lot of the time, there are certain situations where it’s not the best idea to castle in chess. In this video, I will explain 4 situations you may want to consider NOT CASTLING.


  1. When the queens r traded, U can oso choose not to castle.

  2. Please, I can't hear fianchetto with the soft c: it's pronounced fianketto, hard c. Luckily most (all?) chess streamers pronounce it correctly, so once you start noticing it you will also be annoyed!
    Italian origin words with ch- or gh- are always pronounced with the hard c and g (like zucchini or spaghetti), differently from Spanish or French origin words.

    Etymologically it has the same root as flanking, fianco in Italian, and the meaning is lost if you mispronounce it.

  3. There is a fifth time I think not to castle : when the castling side is very low on defense

  4. 0:20 when you've weakened your pawns on that side (2:17 fianchetto exception)
    2:45 if you could be vulnerable to a pawn storm (especially with tempo)
    5:44 when your King is safer in the centre (e.g. closed pawn centre)
    7:45 if it stops you from attacking their castled King (typically with a pawn storm)

  5. Whoa, when I clicked on the Like, it went from 3K to 3.1K. That means what.. 3001st Like?

  6. 5th reason: you moved your king

  7. You have no idea how many times I have castled playing the French defense position you showed and lost. I wanted to play French defense but had no idea what to do with the king. Thanks!

  8. Don't try to castle when it''s illegal, you can get in some serious touch move trouble that way.

  9. Nice video. Just a point about white's pawn on F2. I sometimes play pawn to F3 to support the pawn on E4. Sometimes after castling I play F4 to try and open the file with the Rook supporting the pawn. Are those bad ideas?

  10. I remember when i played against my grandfather in chess castled and lost.

  11. I generally don't tell any beginner to "castle" I refer to it as "King Safety" it just makes it easier

  12. Why do we counter attack the centre when our king is attacked by pawn stomp? What is the logic behind? Thank you very much. I still want to waste my move in the centre despite of the stomping pawns?

  13. One more tip:
    always avoid people who are PUBLIC CASTING.

  14. As a player who uses modern defense as black, I always make sure my castling doesn't have any major weeknesses

  15. One time I castled then a knight forked my king and queen, I am a fucking idiot.

  16. New Beginner. Learning the game for 6 months

  17. On 8:10 the queen of white is blocked from the knight and the pawn of white. In a previous video you said that move of the knight is bad, because it blocks the queen and the pawn.

  18. A lot of computers nowadays are opting not to castle, instead move the king over one and pushing the A/H pawns with their rook behind (in specific situations obviously)

  19. I can think of one more situation when you shouldn't castle.
    5. Don't castle if your apartment is on fire. The king will still be in danger, push your family away from the door, lock the door to ensure the king doesn't get trampled and get him outside.

  20. The plural of tempo is tempi. The final i Is pronounced like the i of silly for example

  21. Automatic castling has always been a sign to me that the person I'm playing with isn't playing the game– they're just following a 'chess walkthrough'.

  22. Chess Analysis 64 تحليل الشطرنج ٦٤ says:

    Thanks a lot , very beneficial.

  23. On a sidenote to "reason #4". Not castling is also forcing black (in this case) to chose between attacking the king in the centre or or attack the queenside. If he attacks the centre you still got the queenside castle to hide, and if he attacks queenside, you just dont castle into the attack.

  24. don't castle unnecessarily in the endgame if you somehow got there without castling, you might want your king active in the middle

  25. Thank you! Although i have not learned english well, this video was very useful for me

  26. And when the queens have been exchanged.

  27. I had once ended up in a situation where my king was defending a threatened piece (a bishop, I believe). I accidentally misclicked and castled, which completely broke my defence. I feel this is the most difficult misclick to do.

  28. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    Consider the 90 positions in 9LX where you have to move a rook on 1 side to castle on the other side. What to do about castling then when you can't seem to keep your 'poker face' up re the video 'When to DELAY Castling in Chess!!' (5lVvs0JB5ME) ?

    See 'How many Chess960 positions exist in which castling on 1 side does not require moving the rook on the other side?' On Chess Stack Exchange

  29. 4. You're in a position where every tempo counts (e.g. you're mounting a crushing attack on your opponent's king before he gets the chance to castle) ─ in this case, castling often wastes a tempo and gives your opponent time to regroup.
    5. In the endgame, king safety is no longer a concern, and the king is just more active and, as a result, useful closer to the centre. Note that just because the queens are off the board doesn't mean you're in an endgame, and, conversely, just because queens are on the board doesn't mean you're not in an endgame.

  30. I like to attack on both flanks (freaks out some newbies) and therefore I rarely castle, I just have a 515 rating and am still trying to perfect this strategy :).

  31. Fianchetto is Italian and pronounced [fjaŋˈketto]. Not "fee and jet oh".

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