5 Castling Rules In Chess In Hindi

Learn the basic 5 castling rules in chess in Hindi. Carefully learn and remember these rules before you do castling queenside or kingside in the game. If you break any of the mentioned rules then you suffer a penalty in the tournament or worst, even declared a loser in the game.

In these technical times, master your game of chess by watching and rewatching these chess tutorials, then practicing and remembering the core techniques. You can play online on chess.com.

0:00 Castling Rules
0:11 Rule No. 1
1:35 Rule No. 2
2:34 Rule No. 3
3:03 Rule No. 4
4:49 Rule No. 5
6:11 Aaj Ka Sawaal


1. Chess Me Castling Kaise Kare?

2. Fastest Checkmate In The World

3. Shatranj Mein Checkmate Kya Hota Hai Aur Kaise Karen?

This video was edited by my talented friend Fred Canal.

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  1. ये वीडियो काफी अच्छी है।

  2. जय माँ आदिशक्ति says:

    आपका नाम क्या है?

  3. Raja hathi ke saath, castling kar sakta hai!!!.

  4. can we do castling if elephant has moved from its original position once and returned to its original place?

  5. Kya mai. Aap ko. Mam ki. Jagah. Guru Mata. Bol sakti. Hun

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