5 Secret Chess Rules

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  1. time against insufficient material is also a draw

  2. Bruh perpetual check and repetition is the exact same draw

  3. 1. Offer draw (accepted)
    2. Stalemate
    3. 3 fold repitition
    4. Perpetual check
    5. Insufficient material
    6. 50 move rule
    7. Time out vs insufficient material
    8. Game aborted
    9. Fivefold repitition
    10. Seventy-five move rule
    11. Dead position
    12. Severe-disadvantages
    13. Double bongcloud

  4. Whats the difference in the rules between no. 1 and no. 2?

  5. There is also the Insufficient mating material vs timeout

  6. One time i played a game so bad i had only my king and my opponent had 5 pawns 2 rooks a knight and a biship. But, i know never to resign, so i managed to walk my king to the other end othe board. He promoted a pawn, and that put me in a Stalemate. Only lost 1 elo for the worst played game of my life

  7. The first one is fake cuz he did the second

  8. I mean sorry if I’m being stupid but isn’t number 1 the same as number 2? If black really didn’t want to draw couldn’t they just sack the bishop?

  9. 6# your time ran out, but the opponent has insufficient material to win

  10. Stalemate should be a win and I will die on this hill

  11. Except perpetual check is not its own rule, it is just the 3 fold repetition rule, (or 50 move rule in some extreme case).

  12. Theres one left, if u are winning but your flag falls and your oponent has insuficient material to checkmate, its a tie

  13. There is also a 6th chess rule for Draw , according to which if "if your opponent has insufficient mating material when you run out of time, the game is scored as a draw and vice versa "

  14. "And your favorite……. Stalemate"

  15. I kinda wish stalemating wasn’t a thing. But I understand why it is

  16. If time runs out for both players and they won't realise who lost time frist this is a draw

  17. Your favourite stalemate. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂❤❤❤😂🎉😢😮😮😅😅😊

  18. There is another way that if your opponent has no pieces left and your timer runs out (or they flag you coz you are so bad) Its a draw

  19. I remember the time i convinced a bro he couldn't checkmate me with king +rook.

  20. If a player dies on the board, the game is also a tie

  21. my dumbass would find 75 move rule draw and insufficient material vs time out

  22. You might forgot the Fortress, in case the fortress-iness is from both players view, meaning an dead position.

  23. Also if you lose on time but your opponent has no material left

  24. Perpetual check is just a specific example of 3-fold repetition

  25. then why i had a draw on my 2nd repetiton cuz i changed the move …

  26. You said "5 chess rules you didn't know" and then said "Your favorite, stalemate". How could it be my favorite if I didn't know it?!!? Got him.

  27. If you die during play, a draw. It only has been used once. Probably, has not been written Into the FIDE or USCF rules

  28. Today I was in a chess compaction in my school I was losing soooooo hard I had only king and a pawn I was trying to stalemate but he was checking and everyone was watching was telling me to lose but I was focusing so hard the teacher came and Sayed:stop talking I was still focusing and everyone was silence and it was a stalemate I was very happy the I will replay the game again😊

  29. Dude like I actually stumbled in a stalemate yesterday probably after 3 months so yea that sucked

  30. You forgot when you cant checkmate your opponent and run out of time but he only has a king and u finally pawn promoted a queen 😢

  31. no.6 you timeout but opponent only has a king

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