AlphaZero 🦾 – No Castling Chess

Grandmaster Daniel King looks at a game from the new AlphaZero study by Deep Mind. Support on Patreon: 🔥 ►Support via PayPal (💲):
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  1. No castling is the only variant that could catch on.

  2. Man Danny how do you not have 100k subs yet
    People flock to crap than quality analysis I guess
    Pretty sad

  3. Excellent sir. Next level of chess. Really good variant.

  4. Just love the way you combine the history of chess with other many great players along with brilliant insights.

  5. Looks like no castling chess are forcing more defensive play. Especially in centre, where every breakthrough can lead to attack on the king, which cannot run away easily.
    Still self capture is my favorite chess "mutation" 🙂

  6. I think in this chess variant
    1.f3 e5 2.Kf2
    Might not be the worst opening anymore. (it's evaluation is -2)

    I think the drunken knight could be the worst in this variant actually.

  7. I think one of the most interesting type of chess games when one side castles long the other castles short (especially in Sicilian) and there is a race for the king on both sides of the board, this can never happen in this variant, that's why i dont like it. The king will never go to the queen side in this in the early middle game or in the opening.

  8. Looks for me like a useless variant. What's the point when both sides castle manually… In History of chess there was a time where you couldn't castle and then they indroduced the castling rule because of no wasting time castling manually.

  9. I've been playing this variance for years! Probably why I can't get passed 1700 ELO. Keep up the great content Dan.

  10. Indian chess ,earlier known as chathuranga, is extinguished in India itself after the arrival of chess.In chathuranga ,queen can move only one square and has to be near the king.Bishops have more power.chess is actually a refined version of chathuranga,Indian chess.

  11. I remember a post-game interview with Levon Aronian from a year or so ago where the old Indian form of chess came into the discussion. And Levon said something like "chess should slow and beautiful".

  12. Professional players cling so much to castling that when Fisher invented random chess he made it so that it´s still a move, though in other positions makes even less sense to move like that, breaking locality and causality, making it counterintuitive and ugly.

  13. Looks to me that white could have trapped blacks queen at about 14:26, but did not. What have I missed?

  14. This is Hikaru Nakamura's (Bongcloud Opening) variant.

  15. Yet another useless variant. Yes we know AlphaZero beat a weak Stockfish 8 using ET hardware and then Ran like some of my online opponents who win a game and don't Rematch. So what we know is that Alpha Zero ran now we have Stockfish NNUE and instead of facing it AlphaZero is chickening out by practicing worthless variants. So we are not fooled.

  16. Which of these new rulesets do you think would be most suitable for professional tournament play GM King?

  17. I bet whoever sped the game up with pawns moving two spaces forwards and kings castling took a right hammering from the purists and the conservatives 🙂

  18. I thought this was Alpha Zero’s game ..

  19. if opening book taken away alpha zero playing itself might play the perfect game of chess from move one in normal chess a forced draw

  20. Although I think this is a viable variant, I think I would be at a disadvantage. Why? I am primarily a positional player and this variant seems to favor attackers.

  21. White gets the first two moves, but isn't allowed to castle.

  22. if some chess engine can play the top move in any chess position its solved chess

  23. Dear Danny King, I follow you since the begining of your channel, it is by far the most quality chess channel in Youtube.
    About Kramnik's effort, it is great but I really think the future of chess is traditional chess itself and also FRC or Chess960, and even a variant that introduces some fairy chess pieces.

    About castling in FRC there should have less positions than 959 perhaps 700 or so because there are positions where one of the rooks obstruct castling queenside or kingside, I made a brief entry on my blog about this:

    Also, if you are interested in the exact relative values of chess pieces, even fairy chess pieces, you can take a look to another of my blog entries:

    Take care and keep healthy and happy

  24. Maybe they should use this variant for tie-breaking instead of speed chess.

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