Aman’s Attacking Speedrun! | Part 11

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  1. Aman ..Shot Out to you bro..I have learned so much from you…I been crushing people with the skills you teach..Thank you

  2. Can someone point me to the set list or songs played here?

  3. Gotta love how 1300s will tunnel vision push a pawn down to the 7th rank. It doesn’t matter if the back rank is defended 4 times, they still go all in on the pawn push.

  4. Alright… Enough 400s. I wanna see some try hardin against some 1900 plus in 15 min games. I can support that.

  5. LETS GOOOOOO!!!! Hey Aman! Next speedrun do the Najdorf

  6. This conversation is a reminder that our voices matter and that we have the power to shape the narrative and drive change.💝

  7. Great video, my favourite part was when Aman played attacking chess!

  8. The music fits so well, excellent choice brahs

  9. i'm supposed to believe this is an attacking speedrun when this guy… trades pieces when up material? don't support these guys

  10. You are so good, it's a wonder we do not see you participate in more tournaments.

  11. 41:38 They know it’s going to be a torture after this point. A few points is not worth the possible psychological damage after the game 😂

  12. Great speed run! Keep them coming! Aggressive and classical openings please

  13. It’s a goddamn feature length film of an upload. I love it

  14. Love when a GM says "a lot of people play this" and I've never seen the move

  15. Could you please do an episode on must know mating patterns. 🦔

  16. Really just gonna take all the low elo players rating points like a bully in a playground, huh? Dont support these guys.

  17. ffs just saw that there was Chessbrah joggers – but my size is not available :/

  18. For anyone interested in how to react to b5 (the fried liver in the first game) as white, according to stockfish taking the pawn equalises, the correct move is bishop back to f1. The point of that is when the queen takes on d5, you can develop the knight naturally to c3 attacking both the queen and the pawn on b5, so the queen has to move (stockfish recommends c5) and you can re develop the bishop by taking the pawn on b5. You are now just a clean pawn up and stockfish evaluates the position as +0.65. Now I have gone down the best moves and ended up in an endgame with a black rook and a pawn against a white rook that is completely drawn. But that is perfect stockrfish play, a human has a nice clean advantage and black has some problems in their position.

    Just for the people who are italian players and play the fried liver when given the chance since there is a real possibility that Aman could make the b5 move popular enough for you to see it in your own games.

  19. rly love this series so instructive so far

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