Aman’s Attacking Speedrun! | Part 8

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  1. I would absolutely love to play against you in a game of rapid. I know I would lose but I’d definitely learn a lot from playing against you. I’d challenge you in blitz or bullet but the lag is awful overseas.

  2. chessbrah is a stupid name for a yt channel, this is why we all prefer to watch GMHikaru

  3. I thought i was trash at chess but really i was just against some master. This is bs.

  4. 4:30 Great detailed explanation of how to set up an attack against a reversed Kings Indian defense.

  5. When are we going to see an Aman vs Eric match?

  6. I would love to see an actual Speed run, like Anna cramling did, going from rating x to maybe 2000, how long does it take? It would be nice to see the how quickly you guys can achieve that with tricks, gambits etc. The whole Speed running in Chess is usually lessons to a specific topic while reaching a certain Elo Rating instead of actual speedruns, personally for me it feels weird to see " Speed run " when it's more or less just lessons while you guys Smurf a bit.

    Nonetheless, love the content, stay well and have a great day!

  7. I gained 100 elo in the last two days playing the french and jobava, thanks you guys.

  8. Better Help keeps unsubscribing from the channel 😢

  9. Has anyone else noticed the phenomenon that people with Arab/Muslim Flags always play waaaaaay too quickly? Like on every elo in every speedrun when I see Egypt or Iran or sometimes even Brazil they mostly play for time from move 1. It doesnt even matter if they are 1000 or 2000 they all play always way too quickly and blunder a lot but I guess they always win on time? I dont mean to sound racist or anything but its definitly certain flags that stand out.

  10. 26:27

    Great game here, that black knight was stone cold for the majority of the game but when you finally went a4 it was over. Very good game for beginner-intermediate players to illustrate some strong concepts.

  11. “That move lets him know he’s dealing with a psychopath “ 😂

  12. Second game is a reverse perch, AKA floating fish opening.

  13. If YokedNando did a Habits series, it would be this attacking speedrun

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