An attacking gem by Anish Giri | Anish vs Karthik Venkatraman | Qatar Masters 2023

Anish Giri plays an excellent game against Indian GM Karthik Venkatraman at the 7th round of the Qatar Masters 2022. Commentary by IM Sagar Shah.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Bro you make it hard to follow the game with all you hypothetical moves you do on the diagram 😩…..Love the commentary tho💪🏾

  2. Anish Giri is the fried egg without salt of chess

  3. It’s ok for them to get up and down so much? That would be so distracting to me! Seems like they had ants in their pants. Maybe they are trying to be distracting to their opponent?

  4. At Qatar Anish seems to have an itchy rear end when facing Indian players.

  5. '…does Anish want a draw?'


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