An IM Takes Hans to the Woodshed in World Juniors

GM Hans Niemann vs GM Andy Woodward in the World Juniors Championship in Mexico on September 22, 2023


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  1. Tonight I was playing poker with a chess player that has played Hans and he had NOTHING nice to say about him. I had always thought Hans was playing into the character that was created, but, I quote, "He has no empathy"

  2. It's mindblowing how black is always winning but one inaccuracy completely loses the position

  3. 200 lower rated player beats mr. Chess speaks for itself.
    Beads theory looks more plausable

  4. Yet Hans still maintains that he's at a level high enough to take down the greatest chess player of all time even when he's playing with the black pieces. SMH.

  5. When you realize Hans is only 20yo….

  6. And this is why Hikaru is once again proving he’s worthy of being your favorite chess player. I never knew how much he helps aspiring players. Proud to be supporting such a god at the board who’s also humble 🙏

  7. Who is here after Niemann tweeted about this video saying he is gald to teach these 'retired' players (refererring to Hikaru and Magnus) a thing or two about chess

  8. 😂😂😂 I love that Hikaru mentions computers in this game such subtlety to throw micro shade at Hans

  9. Andy gave Hans a taste of his wood

  10. Hans thought he could beat the little kids without his major spoon piece.

  11. Big bro, Hikaru, looking out for the younger USA generation and giving them tips behind the scenes is just simply supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

  12. the chess speaks for itself, but it speaks Spanish so we need Hikaru to translate

  13. Would H**s N*****n reach at least 2000 elo without cheating?

  14. Thanks for the video Hikaru, I always enjoy watching your recaps! I especially like it when you relate a certain position to an opening, combined with a demonstration – good education for us amateurs. Keep it up!

  15. can you help a 30 year old who has no future chess prospects???

  16. Hikarus a nice guy and all. But for fucks sake that intro is like nails on a chalkboard “todaaaaays video”. Emphasis for no reason.

  17. Why does Andy’s brother Edward Woodward have so many Ds in his name?

    Because if he didn’t he’d be called E war Woo war

  18. We all know why he decided to cover this game lol.. Childish

  19. imagine if the gm was hikaru and the im was levy.

  20. welcome back every1 for today's video….. Hans…"" with a gloating smile that speaks for itself!

  21. My neighborhood has an IM and he cant stop bragging about it. I need someone to humiliate him asap.

  22. You memory, as well as your work ethic, are world class. Thanks Hikaru.

  23. Hikaru and his love for Niemann with this video :p

  24. Just an fyi, your video description says “GM” Andy Woodward and not IM

  25. "Knight on the rim is a little bit dim" 😂

  26. his rating should be a range and not a fixed value. Sometimes he beats the world number 1, sometimes he gets beat by much lower rated players it's mind boggling :/ I suppose only the HanSmokedFish15 engine can explain this

  27. he's Neither mann nor fish, it's HanSmokedFish15 engine

  28. Hans has become the most generous human ever. He will provide millions of people with utter joy for decades to go whenever he loses a game. So much love and care from him, I feel spoiled.

  29. Lmao, this seems petty, but probably deserved

  30. When it comes to Hans I have to wonder what the buzz is all about.

  31. Thank you for the deep sideline analysis – especially the Botez Gambit @ 10:55. Legend

  32. Hans new nickname is "Jekyll and Hyde". You never know if you will get the good or the bad of him.

  33. This is what happens when one can't cheat anymore , Hans got exposed

  34. I like the way Hikaru talks. His expressions are nice. Fun to watch.

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