ASMR: Everything You Need to Know About Castling (chess for beginners)

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a calm and detailed explanation of the rules and reasons for castling in chess.


  1. Such an old video. You can hear it on you voice.Do you still feel the same about castling?

  2. As Hikaru says, "I dunno, I'm just gonna castle, I don't wanna think too much"

  3. Very relaxing and informative. Keep up the great work!

  4. I love your videos, where are you from?

  5. Can you castle if your king has been in check?

  6. Thank you for providing such a clear explanation of the mechanics behind castling!

  7. Fantastic video. I didn't know about castling THROUGH check. I often would play Chess with the computer and not understand why I couldn't castle when I thought I met all the conditions.

    It would've been interesting to see you cover the smothered mate with the knight, like you did to your rival in a previous video, but I can understand why you might skip that one since it's probably not common. 

  8. i remember the day i found out about philosophy and anime were a thing together. now i got asmr and chess. i will remember this day :p

  9. Fantastiske Skak tutorials og næsten lige så godt ASMR!
    Dog et lille råd: pas på med at blive for overdrevet og teatralsk i din tale og levering – det kan godt blive lidt enerverende i længden. Især din kandence og hviskende s-lyde kan blive lidt for meget, og det giver dit ellers velskrevne og velformulerede engelsk, en unødvendig påtaget klang.
    Bare et lille råd, fra en fast følger. Jeg nyder dine videor, og slapper af mens jeg bliver klogere! Fedt koncept 🙂

  10. Your voice is so mysterious. i feel like you should be an enigmatic traveler in a fantasy tale telling the hero to heed his warning and be cautious, lest he fall on his journey.

  11. What is website that you use on the video? I really want to know

  12. I just wanna say I love your channel and your content. I'm a beginner in chess and had a suggestion for a potential video u could make. I was thinking u could make another video explaining a technique like castling, and then during the video after you've explained the technique, create a scenario that allows the viewers to use the info the learned in the video to solve the problem. it'll be a creative way to involve your viewers and help beginners like myself to become better chess players. I think this would add depth to your videos and channels cuz not only can we relax but we can interactively learn the game of chess! like I said, love the channel and content, keep up the great work!

  13. Where did you get that thumb nail picture? 😀

  14. I know this is an old video, but I'm curious why one might want to do a queen's side castle over a king's side castle

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