Beating the Queen’s Gambit, with GM Nigel Short

Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Atlanta was honored for GM Nigel Short (Former #3 in the World) to conduct a simul and lecture at CCSCATL on March 15, 2019. Humorous, informative lecture!

Game discussed:
Keith Arkell vs. Nigel Short
85th Torquay 1998 (British Chess Championship)

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  1. Unwatchable. Literally. Gesturing at potential moves on a room display we can't see … is unwatchable.

  2. i love how nigel short on the video is slowly dying from listening to our low elo ideas.

  3. Something about Nigel Short is off.

  4. Nigel has such good English. It is like a poem.

  5. what a horrible talker. i watch at x1.5 speed. his chess is sound. a lot better than mine ever will be. but he is a terrible speaker 😞

  6. 40:02 "You have to love your structure."
    daaamn Mr. Short that was a great way to put it

  7. Nigel is going back to Britain with stories of Americans suggesting h4, f3, and f4, to his shock and horror

  8. Really cool game ideas being shown off. I don't mind the slow pace because I have time to think about the position (and still be bad at finding anything). Cool upload!

  9. Love Nigel, but by the time he finishes asking if you'd like a cup of tea, it's time for cocoa instead 😂

  10. What was Ben thinking about Hikarus loss today

  11. What’s crazy about being English is Fe fi fo fum means absolutely nothing to anyone from any other country so strange to imagine.

  12. it would have been much easier to follow and understand the game if he had made the arrows and the variant moves on the board.

  13. Great to hear Nigel's thought processes as he guides the audience through various plans.

  14. Good old Nigel. Seen this before Ben posted this a few years ago.

  15. he looks really fat and unwell. You need to exercise your body also!

  16. when someone on this level is teaching you chess, you listen and learn (hopefully lol), ty very much Nigel and geatings from a 1500 player from denmark

  17. Fawlty Towers was one of the funniest shows in the history of TV

  18. I vomited a bit in my mouth watching NS, don't do that again please

  19. Fawlty Towers? No, this is the pinnacle of British comedy! Just kidding.

  20. That's so cool that you got someone that top level to come give a lecture at your club!

  21. Short is remarkable. Not all can deal with Bens tough students. This should be in Bens Wikipedia:
    "He who deals with the toughest students with a great deal of humor and pay-shhhhhh!-nce."

  22. Brother where is the canidates recap???
    Please dont tell me you wont cover that

  23. The h5 moment was explained so well. Incredible stuff. Thanks for having the great NS and uploading this.

  24. I would like to appreciate GM Short's gentle way of teaching this session.

  25. got to draw with ben bot ,i could of winning but my pencil broke

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