Building Repertoires Opening Speedrun | 1900-2000 ELO

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Episode 10 of Aman’s Building Repertoires series.

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  1. 38:18 Ng5 is not a good move, but had white played that move, we can of course NOT take it with our Queen. In response to Ng5 our only move is Qd7.

  2. amazingly good series anything with jobava

  3. Repertoire in openings if you're 1900:
    1. Cow opening

  4. Was about to go to bed after 24hrs of no sleep, but here we are

  5. Used to like Gotham, admire how hard he works but recently I just stop his videos halfway, don’t exactly knw the reason, may be he is too loud or something. Then I found this channel. I really like how Aman explains everything. He seems cool and collected (not too loud or trying to be funny). And of course love Eric Rosen. Apologies to any levy fan if this hurt anybody’s feelings.

  6. okay but which chessable courses is he actually using

  7. Your humbleness is something more people need. Appreciate your thought process during these videos. You're by far the best at these type of series. You come down to our level and show how you would improve. I've learned a shyt load from them, even though I forget a lot of them haha.

  8. I love that Aman uses 30 seconds for the first 3 moves of the game and 3 seconds for the last 30 moves.

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