Carlsen Finds DISGUSTING Bishop Sacrifice Against Nepo

Magnus Carlsen Finds DISGUSTING Bishop Sacrifice Against Nepo in the speed chess championship!

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  1. Can you tell your experience about Go Chess…about castling and pawn promotion, etc…from their promo videos, I find they are not showing enough…which is kinda sus.

  2. are you going to cover the other game against Magnus vs. Vidit where he sacs the knight? It was an absolutely brilliant play and deserves some coverage.

  3. Nothing disgusting about it.
    Bxd5 is obvious even to my eyes.

  4. In Go chess knight moves in L shape, obviously not jumping, but what happen if you have pieces in between?

  5. Magnus is in beast mode!, Is he sending a message to Hikaru?

  6. Love the way you explain the matches. Tell it like a story!

  7. Nepo pissed him off winning the first game.

  8. Ads in the middle of a chess game break the flow. Can you do it some other way

  9. 7:49 it is worse than checkmate. It is like terminal illness on the Q side that kills black but not fast. Just a prolonged suffering from a tumor on b7

  10. Please explain what aspect of this game was disgusting. I saw nothing to be disgusted about, I thought it was brilliant

  11. It was fun watching Ian fall apart while Magnus was slumped over looking bored except for when he did the Botez Gambit. That was funny.

  12. I feel like Nepo did well in most of his games against Magnus early, and with time advantage. But then he either played too passive or hit an endgame against Magnus

  13. Great game , thanks.
    As you know alireza lost but one of his bullet games against Wesley was very impressive. It would be easy to spot which one and analyze;)

  14. love your Videos. regarding the GoChess delivery is June2024. ….

  15. “BXd5” in a bullet game is just filthy!

  16. That was an absolute carnage by Magnus, really. Nepo has done slightly better in the blitz portion, but once the bullet time control started, he was totally butchered. Magnus has drastically improved his instinctive bullet chess play to an insane level, almost a stockfish like. I hope we see a great final between him and Hikaru.

  17. Love your videos, bro. About a million times more interesting and concise than the unwatchable garbage Levy is has been producing for the last year. /Salt

  18. It s always satisfying to watch a rusky losing in chess

  19. Proud to say that I played same 1 st 4 moves similar to Magnus the goat

  20. can you please add time stamps after the ad in future? cheers

  21. Glad to see you getting sponsors and more, but upset to see you covering the exact games others do. Compete brother. Com fn pete

  22. Magnus doing 3 blunders in this matches, mouse slip, forgot about his time left, and forgot that knight can take his queen, all make him lost the game, but still he managed to make such a big gap to Ian. Insane

  23. If I were training for over the board tournaments, I would definitely buy one of those electric boards.

  24. Odd how Nepo was one of a precious few players with positive scores against Magnus. Then they played that final and the rest is history

  25. He’s playing these chess gladiators as little kids! He is really amazing, really the best ever in chess history! Nobody plaid ever as easy as Magnus did! Ever!

  26. Sir I am blessed, you dismantle the situations slowly and elucidate ideas brilliantly and slowly that is the keyword

  27. Not too many games like this one where Rook and Pawn on A file run the core of the attack with the rest of the pieces contributing. Its like an orchestra.

  28. It's really cool how you show theoretical moves in a different way.

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