Castle Chess Interviews: GM John Fedorowicz – Strong Player

From Fun Fong: Grandmaster John Fedorowicz tells how he became a strong player and gives advice to aspiring scholastic players while at Castle Chess camp.


  1. Kinda like the Billy Murray of chess (with a streak of John Belushi?) 😉

  2. John is quite a colorful character and is one of my favorites at camp! He has a knack of capturing the essence of a good or bad move in his analysis. We are fortunate to have John at camp!

  3. Adults can join the camp. This year's camp is 14-21 June.

  4. He is very entertaining and gives memorable game analysis. One of his more memorable comments to me was "You're having hallucinations, doctor!…."

  5. i think this guy a real cool gm he tells it how it is,he actually seems like a person u can talk to great personality i can understand a lot from what he is saying.

  6. i would love to take private lessons from him …wonder what his hourly rate is

  7. HAHA this guy is awesome. The first GM I ever heard talk that didn't sound fucking BORING. A cool funny guy that would be down for going to the bar the night before the tournament, hooking up with some girls, and stumbling into the tournament hung over in the morning.

  8. Fed will return again to Castle Chess Camp in 2011, along with his friend, GM Nick DeFirmian. I can't wait!

  9. I played in that first tournament with John at the Westfield Chess Club – it was also my first tournament.  In my game with John, we reached a rook pawn endgame and I said to John, "It looks like a draw to me John."  He looked at me with a look of disdain and proceeded to run me off the board!  🙂

  10. He didn't start playing until the old age of 14 and still became a grandmaster !!

  11. Good, practical advice, play a lot, play strong players, arrogance, burning determination, a little bit of disdain sprinkled in…Sounds like many of the best chess players I've ever heard of. I keep playing in the U1700, but I know even if that wins me a little money, it's not going to get me anywhere. I'm so sick of being under 1700.

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