Castle Chess Interviews: IM Jonathan Schroer, Strong Player

From Fun Fong: International Master Jon Schroer tells how he became a strong player and gives advice to aspiring scholastic Chess players on how to improve. Interview taken at Castle Chess camp.


  1. I'm sure MANY titled players are guilty of playing for draws when they could try for a win. The behavior arises from mechanics of a tournament, particularly when there is money on the line.

    I got to see Jon play through a field of GMs and managed won the Emory Grand Prix a few years ago with a great effort! I can tell you that Jon is capable of GREAT effort and that he DOES NOT like to lose!

  2. @IHATENEDAH You are the one talking shit about a player better than you, on the internet. I'd say that makes YOU the "weak chicken", and also, a hater (as it is in your name).

  3. Heard from several strong players that he is a real dick…very arrogant

  4. I think it always weird to hear someone state that someone does not like to lose…Who does?

  5. Well, there is doesn't like to lose and there is DOESN'T LIKE TO LOSE!!!!

    Jon avoids losing at all with all of his effort. I have seen evidence of this.

    I have heard my coach advising, "Play every game as if it is against the strongest player you have ever faced and that it is your last game, ever." I think that is good advice.

    Myself, it doesn't bother me that much to lose. I try to be detached from my games. Perhaps that is why I am still a "C" player….

  6. Not gonna lie man. You ask the best questions. Love all these chess interviews. Absolute BEST questions that are most beneficial for other players. Thanks a lot!

  7. Love the answer at the end. Do it early. I am stuck here making tough life decisions myself. College, career, and work but my passion for chess just came back… and its the most busy time of my life now. I should have done it much early =(

  8. Actually Jon is my son's chess coach. Ever since he was 5 (he's now 9) He is great with the kids at his school. (He runs a Montessori School in NC) and he loves to teach the the kids chess. Nice guy, so if being a very good chess player is arrogant, then I guess he's arrogant, as he's a very good chess player.

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