Castling Controversy: Wesley Calls Arbiter, Nepo Is Not Happy

Wesley So vs Ian Nepomniachtchi | Day 2 | World Fischer Random Championship (WFRC) 2022

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  1. dispute aside. nepo really should work out a bit. hes looking like a greaseball dressed on vacation suits

  2. So has been playing too much duck chess

  3. I know that castling is a bit confusing in chess360, but it should be intuitively known by these players that you cannot castle while in check. Also, some of the more confusing aspects would be; not having the king pass through a line of check but the rooks allowed, and keeping track of the rooks to ensure they have not shuffled or moved, to retain castling rights to a particular side.

  4. Who in their right mind would ever castle while in check? I mean have you ever seen a chess game where that’s legal? 960 or not, the rules are still the same. It’s only the starting positions that are different.

  5. See this is why we need Hans, We wouldn't need a arbitrator. The chess would speak for itself 💪

  6. "Nepo is not happy" Huh? Nepo just seemed to be confused about what Wesley was thinking by making such a novice mistake.

  7. I love Nepo's reaction. hey dude, you know you cant castle when you are in check.

  8. I'm pretty sure it's clearly stated "you can't castle if the king is in check, if either the rook or the king has already moved, or if any of the squares the king has to traverse are attacked…. basically the only time you can castle when something is attacking the backline you're castling through is when the square that's attacked is B1 or B8… the rook can castle through the attack, not the king

  9. world champion of fischer random chess doesnt know how to play fischer random chess

  10. Reminds me of when billiards pros Reyes & Bustamante's ball ended up in the opposition's side of the table during the lag. Ref automatically gave the opponents the ensuing break & Reyes/Bustamante didn't understand what their violation was. crazy considering they are legends of the game.

  11. Can't even imagine Nakamura's face if he could have seen that position before the arbiters came. 🤣

  12. The ambiguity is with the castling rule in 960. The rule is you can't castle out of check (or through check), which should be taken to mean that you can't castle at all in your next turn once you're in check. But Wesley may have misinterpreted the rule to imply you can't move your king out of check. In this case, the king doesn't have to move at all. This was the misunderstanding. Magnus apparently also thought wrong. It says something that the two top players in 960 (one of whom is reigning classical WC) still have an issue with the rules of this dumb new fangled game.

    But I still have a question, in castling, a king move, you need to pick up and move the king first. Rook second. How does it work here? Pick up the king and drop it back same square? Sounds idiotic.

    For this, and other reasons, I refuse to respect 960/Fischer Random. The game of chess has a body of carefully interweaving rules honed and built through centuries. Why try to upset the apple cart with a modern variant with weird and unclear rules? Play it for fun. Not in a competition. Just my opinion.

  13. Why isn’t anyone mentioning that Wesley tried to castle while his king was not even in the starting position? One of the rules of castling is that the king and the castling rook must not have moved yet. Am I missing something here?

  14. Is there the slightest posibility Wesley was either drunk or high?

  15. You can't castle in standard chess either if your king is in check! WTF from the world champ?

  16. How the heck does a top player not know this lmao

  17. I didn't see Nepo not being happy. Clickbait?

  18. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    I already said this on r/chess960 . Lower championship privilege and lower time controls. Lol.

    Fake world championship. Rigged for Wesley to lose and conspiracy for Magnus to win in that they reduced the time controls. Give us classical that Magnus even supposedly wants or at least the same as last time and then we'll talk.

    They reduced the time controls 1 month after Magnus quit WCC. See? Similar to Hans: they remove Hans from cgc soon after Magnus quit sinquefield cup. Basically when Magnus quits something, a chess entity harms an American to favour Magnus LOL

  19. I hate the way Nepo makes expressions. These players have a big ego.

  20. That castling is called "rock-move-only castling" up to FIDE rules. Apparently many players (including So and Magnus) interpret this as a rock move not a castle move.

  21. how can a GM think to castle under check ? 😵‍💫

  22. Think of it like en passant. Castling consists of several moves. First the king moves some number of squares. Maybe several single square moves. Then the rook moves. If the king is in check during any of its moves, your opponent could capture it (theoretically). Therefore its illegal in this situation. The king doesn't move. It just sits there like a duck. Nepo would be able to capture it before the rook moved.

  23. Just like in regular chess, you can't castle when your king is in check in 960. Strange So didn't know that.

  24. Acho que o nepo deve ter falado para o wesley so. " o houve? Vc é eu e eu sou vc"

  25. For all of those who are confused, Wesley is black and this is random chess. G8 was the king's starting position.

    Took me way too long to figure out what I was watching lol

  26. “You can’t castle out of, or through, check” so it doesn’t matter that the king isn’t moving, he’s still castling out of check

  27. Nepo, how you gonna be World Champ when you're that out of shape? Ding is gonna be running circles around him.

  28. This is a terribly edited video. For a viewer it’s over before it starts. We don’t learn anything about what Wesley was talking about. We see Nepo sitting there passively, as he should.

  29. What is the point of this video ? It offers absolutely no explanation at all to what was going on.

  30. I dont understand how you cannot at least double check that with the arbiters before going into this sequence of moves…. at the very least, he should have realized that this is all but clear…

  31. is an interview with wesley so? what are his thoughts?

  32. They play 4 games back to back…need a break guys. This is mind games not tennis.

  33. Ian: “You can’t castle, you are in check!”

    Wesley: So?

  34. Plot twist:

    Wesley missed the move Qa8 so he acted as if he didn't know the rules.

  35. I wasn’t expecting something weirder than Hans’ decapitated king happening but here we are

  36. I think a lot of people here are missing the fact that, in this “castling” the king doesn’t move. The king doesn’t move from an attack or through an attack.

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