Castling when there is no castle. #chess #standup #castling

Short joke from my set about Chess. Full set is out on my channel.


  1. By the way, there are no animals in chessThe following are the pieces King, Queen, Rook, Knight, Bishop and Pawn.

  2. These jokes get unfunny when you actually know how to play chess

  3. Dude it's not a camel it's a bishop, likewise it's not a horse but a knight and lastly it's not an elephant but a rook

  4. can someone give me timestamps to know where to laugh

  5. Bro, your asss is so nice. I cant unsee it ❤

  6. Nobody notices the last pun
    Check once😂

  7. Bro got a pure indian accent😂☠️

  8. Since when does chess has a camel, what you are talking about is called Bishop which is euivalent of an elephant.😂

  9. Camel? Its bishopElephant? Its RookHorse? Its Knight

  10. Becs …
    In olden days
    Kings or Empires do war along with animals (elephants,camels,horses…they r trained to carry people with weapons )
    Those who has more animals they r strong

  11. Chess means all are Warriors. In different situations of attacking and defending to save the king.Warrior who use horses and warriors who use elephants etc..they are not animals..and in the real time fighting 🐴 always move in L model and elephants go straight etc..
    So the chess is always in its perfect place and position to handle war

  12. U will find it more funny if this guy is watched without audio…

  13. Bhai joke achche hai bas upload mat kiya karo

  14. those who cant laugh are surely out of chess world

  15. This guy has generational rivalry with chess😂

  16. How is this a war when half the people fighting are animals? Meanwhile in ramayana…

  17. I watched your entire vedio in installment (shorts)😅

  18. Your jokes are hilarious man..Bas hasna kahan tha ye bta dete to maza ajata

  19. I liked a few others. This bit is just terrible.

  20. People will laugh at their bad luck for attending his show.

  21. I really didn't know tat the soilder is a camel??? Is it a camel ??

  22. Kayse koi yha likh nhi rha ….ispr haasna tha keya 🥲

  23. Got hooked by his chess jokes. Loved it.

  24. Your jokes are genius😂 recently addicted

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