Checkmate by castling #13! Chess meme #memes #viral #funny #chess #shorts

Checkmate by castling #13! Chess meme #memes #viral #funny #chess #shorts


  1. But why the brilliant sticker if its actually just the best move?

  2. the wait for it thing should be taken care of, it took about fifteen seconds to enjoy the video, good video though, but please get rid of the delays please by shortening the clip

  3. You didn't have to exactly make it 10 years long but very cool

  4. Tbh i thought black hung a queen lol

    Great video by the way keep it up and uh its not that long. man if people couldn't wait like 30 seconds (literally) i honestly have no hope for humanity.

  5. Bro didn’t care if he got mated he wanted the en passant

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