Checkmate by Castling – Chess



  1. I found someone yesterday, he is 573 rating, and he got BRILLIANT move by castling, so im surprised because not only its hard to found, he is 573 rating which is better than me who is 493 rating

  2. i love how in the analysis you blunder a queen and it's like 👍but then you promote a pawn and it's like !?

  3. this is painful to watch. There are so many missed checkmates lol

  4. I was honestly expecting the castling check mate to be done across the board and not on the back rank….

  5. why did u blunder queen once and not ladder mate are you 300 rated

  6. I somehow presumed you'd try to open up the F file and trap the king there with your rook and queen.
    Took me a while to realise you were trying to force it down to the first row.

    Also got nervy when the bishop could have taken your rook for like 3 moves in a row.

  7. Lmao game review just said promoting pawn to a queen was a inaccuracy 💀

  8. So thats the real use of castle that whole time 😆😆

  9. ok the vid is great… but the music SLAPS

  10. ive done this one time on accident i think it was O-O-O#

  11. Just to be honest with you,you are noob,if you really wanted mate with castling ok,you played for it,but if not,you are bad,sorry

  12. i thought ur gonna first get the king to f file block e and g then castle but this is ok too

  13. that's the chess equivalent of dying due to being hit in the face with a shield

  14. I’m astonished on how he missed mate in 1 three different times. This is simply not a meme.

  15. uh your profile pic is so similar to my minecraft avatar lol

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