Checkmate by Castling – Chess



  1. this dud is one of the most Trash players I've ever seen

  2. 0:58 no castle checkmate if only the black bishop captured the rook

  3. Me before the vid: “what type of endgame could possibly lead into a mate via castle!?”
    Me after: “what the fu-“

  4. Pos120RandomMove
    In no world is the random move bot 2000-rated.

  5. this made made me smile like when i first saw the magnus hikaru double bongcloud. its really funny keep it up man

  6. 0:50 2400 puts the queen on an unprotected square attacked by two pieces 😭

  7. Thank you for mentioning it's done in chess, in the title. I almost thought you did it in real life.

  8. My reaction to getting checkmated by a castle: O-O
    My reaction to getting checkmated by a castle on the queen’s side: O-O-O

  9. i got checkmated with queen side castling once

  10. 2k elo but still failed to take the rook and made so much blunders

  11. i had a brain aneurism just looking at this game

  12. I'm not really sure if this is actually 2k ELO because it literally says there that it's a random mover bot, please correct me if I'm wrong! ty

    (I only said this because people are saying it's a 2000 ELO bot and it makes so many blunders.)

  13. Ok so youtube can read my mind!? I was thinking to myself: (A castling check would be cool)

  14. You can’t castle! Wanna know why? There are a few rules to it.
    1. You may not castle if the king ever got checked. (Rule broken)
    2. The king nor the rook may have been moved. (Rule unbroken)
    I think there is another one. May you guys tell me it?

  15. no way thats 2000 elo you blundered a queen a knight and a rook and he didnt take

  16. im pretty sure the "random" bot he used actually is intelligent it kept playing excellent moves

  17. ome of the worst games of chess i have ever seen wow

  18. the engine is nearely as good as you :skull:

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