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  1. When 300 paid to get boosted to 1500 😂

  2. Levy I'm lookin at your hair and thinking I don't love chaos, not anymore.

  3. The last move 🔥 its always bishop from another dimension ❤🔥

  4. Make a move for checkmate , "sike" not for me😱🤯

  5. At 10:30 where Levi asks about what black's move should be…I thought be4…cause you attack BOTH knights. Full disclosure, I'm like a 700…so I'm just trying to learn why.

  6. I sacrofices the bishup a brilliant move and I took the queen

  7. "But you can't eat your own bishop!" Chat GPT:

  8. On the short 14 years of my life that I lived I can assure everyone that passing a kidney stone is the worst pain I’ve ever experienced.

    P.S I believe it was only 0.2 millimeters and it was only 1

  9. I love how the thumbnail says Qa8+ + meaning check and mate in 1 which means a check cant be mate in one

  10. My knowledge of openings is probably 2300 my execution of is is 1500 and my vision is 100

  11. If Levy would see my games, he would get an heart attack. XD

  12. My dad had a funny way of describing this kind of gameplay. “They were trying harder to lose than the other guy”

  13. I bet that when white moved QA8 he was like " where is the sound? WHY THERE IS NOT A SOUND!?!? "

  14. Black King: Call an ambulance, call an ambulance, but not for me

  15. call an ambulance, but not for me

  16. Was that a bishop or the Pope⁉️

  17. White : oh it’s mate in 1
    Black : yeah but not for you

  18. Imagine being white, and playing what you think is mate in 1 to finish the game, only for your opponent to get lucky and checkmate you 😂😂

  19. I've been watching a ton of your video recently to try and get better at chess, and honestly this one showed me a lot of stupid mistakes that i've been making

  20. his king was safer castle queenside, you just didnt know how or why until the end of the game

  21. And he sacrifices…

    Gotta say, I'm a fan of the Giga Brain Gambit.

  22. damn, blocking a mate in 1 with a mate in 1

  23. White's heartbeat before playing Queen to a8: Solid 80 beats per min
    White's heartbeat when it showed Qa8+ and not Qa8#: 1671267176172671762716727612761 beats per min

  24. How the heck is a grandmaster worst than an IM

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