Checkmate in 20 moves at 8 years-old

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  1. My heart is broken, you did not go for the Evan’s gambit.

  2. I wonder how did your skin turned white after 20 years😊

  3. Ho scoperto da poco il tuo canale e mi piace moltissimo! Inoltre ho anche la possibilità di migliorare il mio inglese 😀

  4. In another reel you said you lost your 1st ever chess game in 14 moves

  5. S|a|n|t|e|r|a|m|o

  6. Mine tournament ended in 4 moves and I won

  7. Saw this video just before my first tournament. I think it's a sign I'll be checkmated in 20, or I'll deliver a checkmate in 20

  8. the computer just like “youre a moron”

  9. I have mated multiple people in 4 moves, not flexing, it means im terrible

  10. play the “ITALIAN GAMBIT” in my opinion the BEST opening for the white

  11. why dods the pawn have to take the knight after you played Nxf3? isn't it better for black to be down a piece rather than opening the king for mate?

  12. When took took the Bishop why is it a forced move?

  13. Anybody noticed the text line on her name moving after each move by one square for abit?

  14. You are so good chess keep going you will be a grand Master

  15. You look so funny that time😂😂. Just a friendly comment.

  16. Are you related to Michael Jackson by any chance?

  17. What a coincidence! The opening you made is exactly the same I do always

  18. Perché sei Italiana e parli in inglese??😁 Non è una critica così per sapere👍

  19. alessia after her first move be like: ohh, mate in 20

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