chess 960 (Fischer Random) Castle rules

How to Castle in chess 960, Rules on how to Castle in 960 chess tutorial.


  1. disgusting rule. Now we can't castle vertically. the king should always move 2 squares while castling (or 1 when on the b/g files) .

  2. It's almost impossible to castle kingside.i don't what's the matter but whether you move your king g1 or f1 it just doesn't work.i hate it.why don't it works the way normal castling works,like when you move ur king to g1 or c1 it simply castles.I love 960 but this is so irritating.

  3. Thanks, so as long as there are no pieces between the king and rook, and the destination squares are empty, then you can castle.

  4. What if you king starts on G and rooks on F and H? Is castling kingside not moving at all then? :l

  5. Just one question. What do you do if the K starts out on either c1 or g1?

  6. Why not showing other weird starting positions and interaction with other pieces on the way? If rook and king start at a1 and b1 you have to remove the c1 piece to castle?

  7. You should talk about the other pieces in the way.

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