chess.exe #8 | Black Bishop destroyed the castle of the White King

Episode 8. Black Bishop destroyed the castle of the White King

Hi! I recently stumbled upon the “Top Chess” channel, and I got inspired by his “Chess Memes”. I decided to create something similar of my own, with a specific focus on the script (dialogs).

I find it fascinating how each chess piece has its unique personality, and I want to bring that to life through my content. My goal is to make people smile and brighten their day through my chess-related content.

I would be delighted if you could check out my channel and show your support by leaving a comment or subscribing. So, come on in, let’s have some fun and enjoy the world of chess!

(Next episode in 3 days)


  1. The white king is so stupid he is to boss like

  2. Top chess king is aggressive and this king asks in every move what to do😂😂😂.

  3. 4:00 there’s a better move is to move the g3 horse to h6 protecting the pawn and moves to e4 to c6 to threaten the black queen.

  4. 3rd
    ive been watching this channel ever since the first episode

  5. Im here before you go famous please don't forget me when you get famous I'm supporting u♥️❤️♥️

  6. I can’t wait to say that I was here when it all started

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