Chess: How to Castle Kingside and Queenside!!

In this chess video I will do a tutorial on how to castle on the kingside and queenside! Hope you all enjoy!


  1. Thanks this helped me settle a debate in a chess game

  2. you also can't castle crossing a space that would put your king into check, say if there was a black rook at f2 you couldn't castle to g1 because crossing the g1 space would be illegal having the king in a checked position, thanks for the video, i'd forgotten where the king goes on a queenside castle

  3. holy fucking shit plz dont boost you shity microphone

  4. Jesus I can't even watch this you are yelling so fucking loud

  5. That was usefull! Can you find me an ear doctor now?

  6. 00:01


  7. Thanks a lot! Have gotten into this recently and wanna improve my Chess game.

    Also ears.exe has stopped working

  8. Come on everybody dont be so mean like the earrape sucks but he tried his best k? 😂

  9. You are a shit producer of shitty content. You mislabel it, because you NEVER SHOW QUEEN_SIDE Castle!!!

    Major Fail!

  10. Nice, but it sounded like you recorded yourself with a toaster oven

  11. Don't make any more videos until you invest in a new microphone.

  12. why are people complaining about the volume

    i set my volume to 0 and it sounds perfectly normal

  13. Please adjust the volume on your audio. JTC.

  14. I did not know that it was possible to castling with the queen side. I always thought it's was posible to castling only one king side. 😮

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