Chess Me Castling Kaise Kare? Castling in Chess in Hindi

Sikhiye chess me castling kaise kare aur apne taja ko surakshit sthan par kaise laaye. Learn castling in chess in hindi. Castling king and rook is very important in chess. In this video, you will learn how to do castling king and queen side.

0:00 Castling Introduction
0:23 Castling Kya Hoti Hai?
0:54 Castling Kaise Kare?
1:51 Do Tarah Ki Castling


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With the rise in database of chess games, Chess has become far more complex than it was. The rise of these technical times has challenged every chess player to be absolutely competitive in their games. Hence, it has become very important to learn and study chess in depth by using various chess books and software.

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