Chess Player thought he was WINNING and was SHAKING!!

In the Corn Field Maze of Round 4 WE GO!!!

This game, vs another 0 rated Portuguese player was quite interesting!

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  1. THIS IS FUN 😳 sadly I'm not as smart as stockfish to be enjoying games but yeah

  2. Bro, I am in lisbon portugal. Is there any chance that we play a game when you come here? Would appreciate it.

  3. Thanks for the Videos bro, it really helps my chess and you explain everything well . Keep it up please

  4. The fact that you are still recording in the corn field is funny😂😂

  5. Now i want to eat corn too 😅

  6. Great video and analysis today Zach! Loved seeing you try a Portuguese and happy you enjoyed it.

    Keep up the great work Zach, beautiful games so far along with great accuracy! Let's hope you can keep it up with everything.

  7. Thanks for sharing another great video! These are immensely helpful in improving my chess analysis skills. Great helpful content, which is also entertaining. Good luck with your next match!

  8. Love your vibe, even if these videos are just explaining your games, it s so fun

  9. I love ur vids u inspire me to play chess better

  10. Combinating? Utile? This corn field chess dude from another planet! Love it though!!!

  11. Good stuff bro! Just one note tho, Chipicao is a knockoff from the original Bollycao and its from Spain, but close enough! Glad you enjoyed it!

  12. Hah,i like the way you eat the snack in the end of video

  13. What a crazy series of variations. Thanks for walking us through it in-depth!

  14. Wow, what a nice game, I'd love to see you here in Portugal but I live in Lisbon. Maybe the next time there is a chess tournament I'll try to appear 😊


  16. How common are otb blitz tournaments? Do you plan on playing in any?

  17. Zach nom snac

    Also, congrats on the win! Keep it going!💪 Also, love how you're still recording in the corn field😅😂

  18. shoutout to my Portuguese people and bollycao

  19. Very interesting game really you have a great chess talent i like your style of play!!

  20. Hey…where is day 5 video🙄🙄😥😥

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