Chess Tips: Attacking The King, Rule of +2

You’re watching Chess Tips, where in 7 minutes or less I’ll go into detail about chess concepts in the middle and endgame. Today’s theme is attacking the enemy king and the rule of “plus 2”.

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  1. hey that game of your 1100 student vs that 1350 player, could you maybe go over how they got there? that development looks amazing, or maybe point out which video contains how i would get there? I am rated about 950 on at the moment, thank you!!

  2. Just started learning chess 2 weeks ago when I stumbled on your channel! Love your videos, thank you.

  3. wow brilliant vid this one levy…… your courses are just awesome highly recommended

  4. I’m new to chess, I’ve always known how to play but never did and I’m playing bad chess bots but once I get them down to basically just their king and maybe a pawn while I have a bishop, 2 rooks and my queen and I can’t put them in checkmate. Any tips?

  5. reminds me of the Greek Gift sacrifice which usually has 3 or 4 attacking pieces…

  6. The Rule of 2, a master and an apprentice. Got it.

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  8. Me after seeing the game before he tells us

    Genius noises

  9. At 5:24, you played e4 to unblock the black bishop on c1, but it blocks the white bishop on d3. Why is the white bishop less useful in this scenario?

  10. I would like to add a tip here. Attacking pieces are worth more than the defending pieces, so exchange as many attackers as possible

  11. Conclusion of this video: wanna attack? Sacrifice…

  12. what the what, levy what do you mean at 1:15? i somehow cant follow what youre saying, either too tired or my english isnt up to par

  13. I just got 100 elo from this guide. Amazing Levi I'm simply fkin amazed, I got from 800 to 1.3k elo just by watching games with kings indian and that

  14. It looks like you and Rosen both have a lot of experience in teaching chess.

  15. I’m learning that getting better at chess means looking 10 moves ahead instead of 5😂

  16. 6:10 what just happened there? Pls explain. Or did he make a mistake.

  17. You rock dude keep up the awesome content!

  18. Watch in 2x speed to learn how to attack the king in 3 minutes and 30 seconds

  19. Love u man, providing knowledge for free,, hat's off..🙏

  20. Where you playing the same opening for all the 3 games? Because they all have some sort of similarities.

  21. Phenomenal! Very helpful. Thank you Brother

  22. Levy: Lower rated player like 1500, 1600… will thing dxe4 qxe4 will threaten mate but it opens the dark squared bishop.

    Me, a 800-900 seeing it open the bishop

  23. In just 7 minutes you provided some great tips and ideas which I can definitely see myself applying in my games. Thanks.

  24. very good video bro, i like this rule. all else follows

  25. I bring my king all the times, but only if the queens are gone obviously

  26. What 1500 1700 is Lower rated fak yo levy you broke my confidence

  27. ty gotham!! i noticed that i’m good at openings but when it comes to attacking i have no clue on what piece i should move, thanks for the tips!

  28. 3:56 one thing i dont understand why didnt the opponent just put the knight on f6 that would completly stop the threat and get him back to the game instead of sacing his queen ! i mean he is 2300 im 1000 how comes i see that and he does not ?

  29. Most useful gothamchess video for me and idk how it popped on top of my feed 😉

  30. Attack: Activating as many pieces as possible against the king by opening up lines or sacrificing

  31. Great video, made sense and I've never thought about it before 🙏

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