Chess Tips: Attacking The King, Rule of +2

You’re watching Chess Tips, where in 7 minutes or less I’ll go into detail about chess concepts in the middle and endgame. Today’s theme is attacking the enemy king and the rule of “plus 2”.

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  1. Damn i thought of d4 bcs of same reason and i dont even have rating haha

  2. Nice vídeo! Hug from Brazil!🇧🇷🇧🇷

  3. "There are no sacrifices looming"
    Mikhail Tal wants to know your location

  4. This is what a coach is supposed to be like. Good God. I'm totally buying his courses.

  5. No one is a better coach than levy in the world even best gms cant teach beginners and intermediate players like he did in 7-8 minutes

  6. so i am like 900 idk y but i consider my self a good playwe given i have had no training and recently got into chess….i havwe defeated much higheer opponnents tho, i founmd the move e4 almost instantly does that mean i am good player for real?

  7. Wasn't the queen hanging in the frsit example?

  8. Wow, it's very clear and precise. Thank you for the valuable info 😁👌

  9. You are magnificent. I have improved to almost 1.800 with only watching your videos I have improved my capacity, appreciated it man god bless you thank you

  10. You explain stuff so well. 😁 Good job ! Keep it up. 🤗😉

  11. So much better than Ben Finegold (who is a wonderful chess historian and entertainer but a poor pedagogue).

  12. Looked cool. Tried in actual games. Lost 😂

  13. 3:40 its stoppable if you take the knight after which black would still have 3 pieces for the queen but I'm guessing Qxg5 Qxg5+ then say Kh7 and for example f4 with ideas of rooklift

  14. that is stone wall on 3rd example i learend it from u and i found that move in the way i practise that position thanks about that

  15. Usually i just couldn't find the finishing/killing move. I lined up my attacking piece, break through, but then my attack stopped.

    When i checked the engine, there is actually a mating idea, but i just missed it.

  16. Great video, but I feel it glossed over an important point that's quite hard for beginners and intermediates to understand, which is when a piece counts as a defender. In your Gotham Guide there was a game where the player who was on the defensive had what looked to me (1500 like several defenders but you mentioned the rule of +2 and said "these pieces aren't defenders; they're just near the king but they're not defending" and I thought "how do you tell the difference?". I was hoping this video would illuminate this issue but I found it didn't really. In your third example you even say "five pieces versus… whatever it is". What is it, Levy, WHAT IS IT??

    Seriously though, your videos are great and I've learned a lot from you. Having no income, I'm very grateful for all your high quality, free content!

  17. Not one of these videos is less than 7 minutes. LOL

  18. Ohh fuck off levy im 1700 and i saw that pawn to e4 just to open up the diagonal for the dark bishop. Thats sadd. I liked u untill this moment. 😥

  19. Super helpful. Thanks! Kind regards, Daniel

  20. I think Qf4 is good too in the second game! same idea and black can't defend with Bg5 because the pawn is pined

  21. Thanks! I was afraid of the French defence before (I don't know tye theory there), and now with the advanced French and these tips i crush on the kingside every time

  22. I was so happy I had Pe4 in less than 5 sec. Just two of your videos have improved my game from 850 to 1350. Thank you Sensei!

  23. This was so instructive. Thank you for the concept.

  24. My end game is literally the worst. Will be watching this multiple times, I imagine.

  25. Moral of the story is never play h6 or even have a pawn on h6 when you are defensive

  26. thank you for ending on that awkward silence

  27. Hey man idk if you're gonna see this. But I've been binging a TON of your videos as well as Hikaru's, as well as playing a ton of online chess (ironically it had NOTHING to do with that Netflix show, I genuinely just happened to get interested in the game right when it came out).

    But basically I was in a slump and felt like my game wasn't improving. But then when I paused at 5:15 to see which piece is best to move and not only chose the correct original piece but then knew which order to attack my pieces with afterwards, and then I un-paused the video to see that I was exactly right. I literally jumped out of my seat. Man I'm so happy right now. Thanks for the content and the continued help it's sincerely appreciated!

  28. I didn't know about en passing 🤦🏾 my opponent took my 2 pan I was shocked

  29. Awesome video Levy! Besides beginners book camp good do we get to become students? Do you take on 1:1?

  30. I just hit 1500 today and hearing him say "when I mean lower rated I mean like 1500…" broke my heart a lil cant lie. On the bright side atleast I can enjoy the journey for a long time

  31. How have I never heard of en passant? God I suck at this game. Thanks Levy and YouTube algorithm. Two weeks ago I hadn’t played a game of chess in at least a decade. Now I can’t stop playing and my wife has a renewed wonder of just how nerdy her husband might be. 🤙🏻🤙🏻

  32. The way this guy teaches chess just works for me

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