Day 170: Journey to 2000

Watch out Hikaru Nakamura and Magnus Carlsen! I’m coming for you!
This is another day in my quest for a 2000 rating on

Caro Kann, Advance

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  1. Happy Belated birthday. Followed since the very early days (day 4 I think) and just not been able to keep up daily this last fortnight so I'm catching up!

  2. You should really concider Knight C6 after pushing c5 Patrick 😀 You want to build pressure on their D pawn, if you win that you will win the game usually.

  3. The rook does not want to defend the b7 pawn by standing on b8. That rook wanted to go to c8 to get some scope for a while before that move. You need to listen to your rooks. A great way to defend the b7 pawn is by playing b6 too. You should have considered that at least.

  4. Niceeee one Patrick!!! Happy birthday 🎂 🎉

  5. Unlucky there. So sad to see you in such a good position and blunder your rook. Very nice music too

  6. These games are becoming frustrating to watch patrick. It's the same mistakes time and time again. As much as we all want you to improve, it seems it's never going to happen unless you actually study chess. Openings, middlegames, tactics and endings, just playing won't cut it.

  7. Happy Birthday man!! great game. Blunders will go away once you improve your time control. Keep going 🙂

  8. Happy birthday king! You're an inspiration 🤩

  9. happy birthday man. is london system a good opening

  10. Happy Birthday, bummer about that queen move. Congrats on the comeback for a draw.

  11. your opponent made so many poor moves in the beginning and you did not capitalize their mistakes. u really should learn tactics otherwise you will stay at 1300 forever. Happy birthday!

  12. Happy birthday! Play faster!! Watch out for one-movers!!

  13. Patrick, at 29:28 when you played Ndxe5 and the engine preferred Nxce5 you misread the analysis. After Ndxe5 you thought the engine was saying that white should play Nxc6 and you couldn't understand the problem. But you didn't read the analysis line properly. The engine was saying that white would play Nxe6. The reason you misread it is probably because you never imagined that such a move could be possible. But it is because it is a discovered attack on your queen and the knight on e6 attacks a rook too. It's horrible. Whereas had you played Ncxe5 it allows your queen to capture on e6 so stops that tactic.

    This is super important because I was watching another game with you earlier this week and the same thing happened. You failed to notice a discovered attack on the queen and you lost your queen.

    To be honest, if you look at the position at 29:28 the discovered attack on your queen should be screaming at you. When I look at the position it is the very first thing that I notice. Please look at this position again because if you don't spot these discovered attacks you are never going to get to 1500 never mind 2000.

    However, keep playing!!! You are my favourite person who is trying to get to 2000 on youtube!

  14. 8:09 you lost your queen or rook right here. You got a birthday gift 😂

  15. Nice job getting the draw though. I am always relieved when I’m losing and can get a draw

  16. I'm sorry for this game you were doing great🙁 but Happy birthday Patrick 😊 mine is today October 6th! 🎉


  18. Gg patrick, you have a really good intuition with the end game. Once you clean up the single-move blunders I think you will see big gains.

  19. Happy Birthday! Its always a treat watching you play, win or lose

  20. Happy birthday P-Diddy! Congrats on finding the draw, I know you feel you blundered the game but you did well to capitilise on the opportunity to draw when it presented itself! I'd say your opponent was very annoyed by that!

  21. Happy Birthday Patrick! I'm so enchanted to see that you didn't lose this game, phenomenal play at the end! (P.S : I'm seeing a pattern, you keep playing like a chess savvy and almost always get an advantageous position, but there's always that one tiny mistake in the endgame that leads to your position slowly crumbling and fading away to zilch so, be on the lookout for that.)

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