Day 402: Playing chess every day until I reach a 2000 rating

Watch out Hikaru Nakamura and Magnus Carlsen! I’m coming for you!
This is another day in my quest for a 2000 rating on

Caro-Kann Defense: Main Line
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  1. I am lower rated than you (so probably not worth listening to me lol), but yeah, being down a pawn or 2 I believe matters most in end game, but due to time pressures I don't see you in endgame much. Play style considerations may supercede chess conventions here??

    That said, I had a more modest goal of 1000 and just hit it recently– so keep pushing on to your goal!!

  2. 3:57, what is a half open file? 4:46, that's a check? You keep calling that a check.

  3. I feel like you’re spending too much time looking for the best move. Spending 3 minutes on something like Qe4 shouldn’t happen. Instead of calculating all of those lines before finding all candidates it’s better to look for moves and try to sort through them without really calculating. If you can’t find the best move after a long time it’s probably best to just play a move that isn’t an obvious blunder

  4. Have you considered 15/10 time controls? I think it would benefit you dude.

  5. 1:22 ng3 here is never good, you’re much better just to take.

  6. on move 15, I like the move Qc1 because then there is a threat to push c4, which would kick the knight with tempo and then c5 would fork the queen and bishop.

  7. You played pretty well Patrick. It just happens that your opponent played an almost perfect game. It was really hard for you to fine the right moves in the middle game there.

  8. This Nd5 move was in the position for a couple of moves. Like in the last game your decision making process was solid in general, I'm not sure why you missed that move, because it ticks all the boxes: knight gets to a well defended central square and it attacks your queen.

  9. Hello Patrick, I was your opponent here. It was a rollercoaster of a day for me trying to reach 1500,started that day well got myself to 1499 ,then had a 7-8 games losing streak to take me below 1450. I was hanging pieces and tilting real hard just before you showed up. And as soon as I saw your face, I told myself " this game is going on YouTube, FOCUS UP"😂😂😂.So, I was determined to put up a good game for the audience . Finally, your videos help a lot, it is easier to learn and understand from someone who is at a similar level. Well keep up the good work and Good luck 👍.

  10. Hi Patrick, have you ever considered playing some blitz? Maybe it will help you to be a little faster in rapid as well.

  11. please just play 15/10. every game you get to the middlegame 3-4mins down on your opponent. every game you are in time trouble. you just won't improve this way.

  12. FORGET THE DARN PAWNS! How many pieces does he have defending his King at 25:00? Usually you’re attacking and trading prematurely, in this case, you were worried about losing pawns when his king was alone in the corner. Thats the time to start mating threats and putting your pieces on his side of the board.

  13. Perhaps a little too passive and your pieces became cramped. In that situation try to trade pieces to free up more space.

    It’s not so important to develop all your pieces immediately. Get your minor pieces active asap and your rooks will find their home later in the game.

    So it’s ok to lose a pawn or two. It’s not worth losing by spending too much time worrying about saving a pawn.

  14. Nice game Patrick, your opponent played really strong

  15. I was thinking Ne4 to defend against their knight coming in. I only saw it because you had taken the time to walk through all of the possibilities on that long turn. (Edit: oh, that would have hung a Queen, duh.) Cazad0r75

  16. No offense … but I think you’re too much ‘in your head’ now and afraid to make a move and just play good chess. I’ve been following you since Day 50 and you’ve had lots of improvements which is awesome!

    Would strongly suggest working with a Chess Coach who can help you understand what’s a good move/bad move in current position… what’s a good pin and what’s not… when to push… when to defend… CHESS COACH UP!!!

  17. Good job finding the best way out of a lost position.
    Weak black squares instead of b3 Qc1, ugly but necessary. The next step is to see your opponent's attack earlier, his ideas.
    I was 1500 once, but that was a long time ago. Qb3 saves both pawns btw.

  18. Hey Patrick, I ve been following your journey since day 103. If you want to reach 2000 on a 10 mins game (FIDE equivalent give and take 1700 ish) you have to stop playing chess and start training tactics, vision, patterns, counting squares. Do puzzles until you feel it in your stomach. It is impossible to climb the ratings after 1600 otherwise. Good luck and keep posting!

  19. I think their Queen is almost trapped after they took the pawn. Chasing their Queen around would have developed your pieces.

  20. You should have listened to your gut and play queen c1 after than knight move.

  21. There is a difference between book moves and the main line; by the time you play 5 Ng3 you're playing a side line of a side line. On a different note, I strongly suggest you revisit the review of the game you played early on against a 2,000+ subscriber during which he explained to you why you shouldn't review with the engine. It can be useful to see if you've missed a tactic, but what you're doing is simply a waste of time.

  22. Instead of b2 – b3.
    Play Qc1 and then push c2 – c4.

    Gl always

  23. Wow! This might be your worst management of time ever! You become so worried about what happens 10 moves down the road that you become paralyzed about making a move because it might not be the right move. Plus you admitted after you finally moved your queen, that you weren’t even aware of how much time you spent. So then you end up making bad moves because of a lack of time.

  24. C4 should have been played to stop that knight move

  25. You should have just let his knight take one of your rooks and sac the exchange. That would have saved you so much time. His knight was a powerful piece and all your pieces were in each others way and your two rooks weren’t doing much. The way you played it, you lost a piece and the game was over from there not to mention spending three minutes on it.

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