DOMINATE with the Queen’s Gambit

The Queen’s Gambit is an aggressive Opening that chessplayers on beginner to intermediate level can use to win more games and increase their Elo. Subscribe 🙂


  1. This channel has reignited my love for chess

  2. I think that is will be good to do a 2nd part and tell about catalan, cause its amazing and aggressive opening in my opinion

  3. I lovr how you male the opening understandable by maling it about missions and principles

  4. The rook flying up the rank and blowing up is gold😂


    Yes, that is all that I got out of this video…

  5. and the kings gambit is good as queens gambit?

  6. have to say i really love these opening vids

  7. This channel made me lose elo 😮😂😵‍💫😢

  8. Crystal clear, neat and fun, as all things should be.

  9. Oh this is so exciting. I am a primarily 1.d4 player so it's nice to see it covered by the gigachadiest of chesstubers.

  10. In my opinion, every single gambit opening is bad. Take every gambitted pawn.

    Except Queen's gambit. That one's cool.

  11. Make a video on the Trompowsky Attack so we have something against 1. d4 Nf6

  12. Oh very nice explain
    Better than mr wolf😂😂😂

  13. Can you make a more detailed video about the danish gambit?

  14. Pls bro make a vidio about best opening for every elo range

  15. What do you do if they accept and then after you play e4 they play e5?

  16. Please make a video on the Vienna Gambit

  17. Well edited; not too much cuts, hyper-editing or music to disturb focus but enough to
    entertain and keep excitement up. Can't wait for next one

  18. I'm an e4 player but I think I'll try the queen's gambit thanks to you

  19. just in case black responds to d4 with Nf3 (most common!) I think you should do a jobava london video, which is also a great aggressive system that's not very hard to learn!

  20. Does anyone know what TTS (TEXT TO SPEECH) voice he uses?

  21. I love the way you break down the opening by assigning missions to each of the important pieces. Makes it easier to understand and remember

  22. I was stuck at 600-800 ELO for years until I studied openings. To be exact I painfully self learnt this queens gambit opening as white, sicilian defense vs 1.e4, Kings indian defense against 1.d4 and Symmetrical English against 1.c4 along with some frustrating Englund gambits e.t.c. My ELO quickly jumped to 1200 in 3-4 months of making that decision. I realised that I was stuck because I was frequently getting bad positions while spending a lot of time in the opening phase of the game. Nice to see that this video follows the principles I have know to understand except that I always castle KIng side. I should give this queen side castling a try as well.

  23. "Aww ya lets try this opening", D4 D5 C4 E5, "Well what the fuck am I suppose to do now".


  25. Quick question: What counts as Low Elo and High Elo?

  26. This guy is the most informative and entertaining channel I’ve encountered so far

  27. nice video, please talk about the London System

  28. What do i have to do if the opponent plays the modern defence beef eater variation?

  29. this is they way to teach openings. overall themes and mission style

  30. ive always LOVED the queens gambit but didnt look into it further, this is a superb middle game gameplan! thank you good sir

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