En Passant rule in telugu || castling in telugu || chesslesson – 5 in telugu || chess secret rule

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  1. 🅿🅾🅳🆄🅿🆄 🅺🅰🆃🅷🅻🆄 says:


  2. Your Explanation is Super Sir
    Thank you so much sir

  3. Nice explanation, but when we are castling use one hand. This is must

  4. Sir your village name chepara I am 1st rank

  5. Hi sir king king chess pettukunrara

  6. Is Oppasson and enpassent rule both are same ??Or is there any diff between it? Pls tell me🙂

  7. ఆ చెస్ బోర్డు purchase link ఇవ్వండి

  8. Sir castling chesi napudu opposite team Jarapala ledha maname japrapala sir

  9. Supos sipay place lo opponent camel vunna gaani rmee rule use pass cheyocha sir?

  10. sir i didnot understand that rule

  11. 100 out of 100 for your explanation, worthy for watch

  12. Aa time lo casting badulu mantrini capture cheste ayipoddi

  13. Once more explain about En passaint rule sir plz

  14. Every sipai 2 steps a sir r only starting lo ne sipai 2 steps vestunda sir

  15. Oppasson ento artham kaledhandi. compulsory alaga cheyalna ledhane vadhileyocha.

  16. Ila castling chayyadam valla use enti

  17. only king and king match ☝

  18. anna ee en passant rule anedhi first sipay vachinappude chesthama lekapothe 2 or 3 steps tharvata cheyyacha

  19. okavela eduruga unnappudu en passant rule anedhi opayoginchacha

  20. Enpassant rule works only by pawn to pawn, or works for pawn to any queen knight horse elephant king also?

  21. 🙏మంత్రి రాజు కి చెక్ పెట్టినపుడు ఎందుకు క్యాష్టలింగ్ చేసుకోవొదో చెప్పండి sir
    చేసుకోలేం అంటే ఎలా, and ఎందుకో కూడ తెలియాలి కధ sir

  22. Grand master avvali ante ela sir

  23. Castling valla prayojanam anti broo

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