Ep 07 – Castling in Chess // Chess for beginners // Chess in Sinhala by @marlatube

Castling in Chess | Chess for beginners (EP 07) | MarlaTUBE

This is the 7th episode of the Chess for beginners (Chess Basics) series and In this video I will be discussing the special chess move called Castling.

I will be talking in details,

What is castling and how it is done.
What is the importance of this move and how we can use it for protecting the King.
Why we need to do this move.
When and where this move can and can not do.

Hope you all enjoy the video and learn something!

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  2. Caslin karddi eka pattak wetarak his karata kama nadda

  3. Thank you aiye.eka loku prashnayk wela thibbe.okkoma hodat theruna😍

  4. Thank you so much for your lesson..💖

  5. I appreciate you for explaining this game so well and thank you.

  6. Keep up the good work 💐😊 very well explained

  7. Kotu 2k yaddai attack aka prashnayakda

  8. Sir castling karanakota kotu dekama eka wara adala ita passe රුක් wath adinna puluwanda ekama awasthawe

  9. Highly Reccomended chess tutorial.❤ Keep it up aiya

  10. Oba thumage YouTube channel eken thama mage putha aurudu 4 edan chess egena gaththe. Eya 8yrs open play karala District champion una. Obage contact no. ekak ewanna puluwanda sir?

  11. Attack ekk thiyeddi api castling karoth eka illegal ekk da

  12. Very clear 😊😊😊😊Thankyou sir 🙂🙂🙂🙂

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