Episode 510: Long Castle Chess

Black wins by castling queenside. White wins by preventing this. Simple enough to be fun. Complex enough to be fun. Try it!

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  1. Aaah such nostalgia… Awesome show, thanks for making it! Really brought back some silly memories from like 30+ years ago. I wish I could remember who invented it or where I learnt of it… I do remember we used to play 1.c3 and 2.Qb3, or 1.e3 and 2.Qf3 (gaining tempo on f7 when developing the queen), and opening the bishop for Bb5 or Ba6 sometime later. And I still don't know who wins with perfect play!

  2. Really loved this episode. A very asymmetric variant with very equal looking chances – what a great find! I mean, it's not Horde – I expect some careful analysis or another hour of play might determine who has the forced win? But I kind of like not knowing.

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