He Missed Castle Into Checkmate…

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  1. How is the king on the other side of the board how is the black king there

  2. How exactly can the king go there, there’s a pawn on a7

  3. I'm currently wondering how tf the black king got there

  4. I'm below 486 and I want to believe I wouldn't do that.

  5. He was already in check with the pawn ♟️

  6. Bro just missed one of the greatest mates that could happen to your life

  7. I have one question, how did the king reached the other side?😂

  8. i think black was mad because losing pieces So He was like: The king can't die. So He thought The king is war machine so that why black king in b2

  9. Wait how did the king get there the first place…

  10. Can someone explain to me how did the king end up there? (He is a brave king btw)

  11. No the king has 2 legal moves because the pawn on a2 prevents it from going b1

  12. Short castle mate would've been incredibly based

  13. Why isn't anyone talking about how the king cant move to g1 cos there is a pawn right there

  14. Touching your opponents other side 💀💀💀

  15. White won because that king move whas pawn checkmate

  16. The perfect cut makes the vid so good lmao

  17. forget about the mate. HOW THE AVOCADO KING CAN REACH THE OTHER SIDE?!!!

  18. Is it just me or isn't it illegal move bc of the pawn on a2??

  19. bruh that king i all ready in check by the pawn 🤦

  20. Wait first I need to know how did the king reach the completely other side of the board

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