he’s just going to castle #chess #hikaru #magnuscarlsen


  1. I was expecting the game to go black and the game said he won 😂

  2. He’s clearly joking. One of the vectors was a pawn moving like a knight.

  3. he tried to avoid chess blindness if you don’t know what it is look it up.

  4. That’s why he’s the goat, THE GOAT

  5. When you can do sumthing but too lazy to do so

  6. I like how hes not even looking at the board when saying all the moves

  7. Did you know that hikari has a spreadsheet taped on the ceiling?

  8. takes takes if takes then takes and takes

  9. Iirc that was losing so it’s good he didn’t play it

  10. Bro didn't see mate in 42 what a loser should have resigned then and there

  11. Ah yes, the bishop moves diagonally and the pawn takes straight

  12. I’m just gonna castle is what I usually say… 😢

  13. Bro took 3 seconds to calculate allat😂😂😂

  14. same hikari. dont understand whats going on either dw

  15. Can’t predict my moves
    I’m too stupid


  16. Nah he was was looking at stockfish on his ceiling fr

  17. Bros Dr. Strange lookin through the possibilities

  18. Never knew those pawn move like a knight 🥶

  19. Bro accidentally awakened Yugoslavia while playing chess

  20. " you can also trade and take and take and it takes i take if takes takes takes 22 Queen H4 G3 Knight G3 Check C6 Queen B7 that is one king there, uh i don't know whats going on I'm just gonna Castle I don't want to do too much uh " (this took me like 7 – 10 minutes to type)

  21. Hikaru looks at the ceiling to talk to his stand cmon guys we all know this

  22. why doea bro look at the ceiling like fucking beth harmon
    what is this secret technique

  23. Calculated the whole game but "imma just castle" 💀💀

  24. Like winning a game against Hikaru is easy af your first move and he will resign after his calculations

  25. The only reason I think he wouldn't be able to predict my moves i cause I'm so bad

  26. Ngl if I’m against him his not guessing any of my moves

  27. so yall think he would be a good val player with that god aim?

  28. Bro if I challenge him he won't know my move because I don't even know what I'm doing😭

  29. Bro recaptured the pawn with his bishop that will most likely get taken

  30. Bro just boasted his superiority over my 600 elo ass and decided to 'just castle'

  31. Im able
    to stop him from knowing my moves, even i dont know what ill do ,how will he

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