he’s just going to castle #chess #hikaru #magnuscarlsen


  1. "I don't know what's going on, im just gonna castle" was hilarious 💀

  2. My moves are so god awful that hikaru would think im 1 elo

  3. Bro thinks he’s Harmon, looking at the ceiling the whole time

  4. plot twist: the celing has a monitor showing stockfish suggested moves

  5. The best thing is that he can predict opponent every moves
    Truly not a human 😅

  6. Take takes take takes takes, takes taketake takes 🧠

  7. Tgats why Gm dont wanna play with hikaru 😂😂

  8. Bro i know this it happens with me too whenever im trying to predict a game il just look in the sky and its like a holographic screen

  9. You know when you are playing against Hikaru and he takes long on his move this is what he is doing

  10. He is very smart he should start playing chess

  11. A random guy playing with hikaru
    Him : e4
    Hikaru : well played I won

  12. Bro started to use the pawn as a knight💀💀💀

  13. Bro that pawn on d2 is defending like a Knight 😂

  14. I wonder if when he draws those arrows he just makes random ones because he knows no one watching him will understand

  15. Bro predicted the entire game and doesn’t know what he did

  16. It’s actually fake because I am a 1800 player and the fifth move is illegal cause his bishop is gone

  17. I don't wanna think too much
    "Ermm I think u just did"

  18. This was actually poor calculation now that i look at it

  19. This “Nakamura” guy rly thinks he’s hikaru💀

  20. I like how the pawns move like knights 😂

  21. Bro said take take take queen h5 here there takes takes then rook takes F4 take take there here there take take take i- i will just castle i don't wanna think extreme

  22. Me rewatching the video trying to see what he is doing

  23. Attention black knight is moving diagonal 😳☠

  24. If he battles against me I don't think he would predict my moves

  25. The opponent wont blunder a knight on purpose "if He takes I take". This is just showmanship

  26. Bro predicted the entire game forgot it and was like oh well I’ll just castle

  27. So can anyone reach this level of chess calculation, or only geniuses?

  28. bro looks like he's trying to explain to god about what his next move is

  29. He literally came to the realization that he couldn't predict it far enough ("I don't know what's going on"), and instead of relying on his shaky predictions he decided to make the safe move that will be probably beneficial no matter what happens aka castling.

  30. Chess player when they don't know what to do next: CASTLING.

  31. he does hard things for others and forgets them ☠️☠️

  32. He can premove the whole game and I’ll still overcome it with pawn g6

  33. bro said "i dont wanna think to much"

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