Hikaru in Qatar!!!

Today was Round 1 vs IM Vantika Agrawal from Egypt. Here’s the recap.


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  1. For her sake I hope she sees this recap. Incredible lesson by father Hikaru.

  2. On behalf of Vantika and all the Indian chess players, I am hugely grateful to you for providing so much insight into the game.

  3. Good to know Hikaru is in Qatar just in time as they enjoy the fruits of their support of Hamas this week.

  4. Dear Mr. Hikaru, can you please count the pawns in Spanish at the start of the game? I would like to know that they are all present. Thanks!

  5. Imagine Messi explains his every decision right after a World Cup game like “I passed here because of this. I thought to dribble to this location but was worried about this so I didn’t.” Wouldn’t it be great? This is why Hikaru’s recaps are great. We should see this in other sports as well. The only one that I know is Draymond Green’s recap after their NBA championship in 2022. He also explained his decisions play by play.

  6. > Today was Round 1 vs IM Vantika Agrawal from Egypt

    Egypt? 😄

  7. 0:04 "for todaaaaays video " with showing teeth was funny😂

  8. Anyone know what's Hikaru's path to the candidates could be?

  9. Well description of the video is wrong 😂

  10. Qatar ist one of the biggest supporters of Hamas

  11. "For todayyyyyyyyyyyyyy's video…" -Hikaru 1997 webcam intro😂😍

  12. Hikaru if you include some travelling clips it will be more funnn😍😍

  13. 0:01 when your Mom needs to welcome your guests after beating the sh*t out of you

  14. Hey hikaru, not sure if this is intentional or not but in the description it says that Vantika is from egypt.

  15. Hikaru will be going to the gaza strip and doing a simul for charity. I think that's great!

  16. Turn you volume down to zero and watch the introduction" welcome back everyone for todayyyyys video"😂❤

  17. Good luck Hikaru! I am also playing in the Qatar Masters and I saw you yesterday. I appreciate how fast you post these videos after a long and tiring game. ❤

  18. Are You serios? A Stonewall? I have found this opening yesterday. Little bit hard for novice, but OK I WILL TRY MY BEST! But I think I like Pirc better. Btw I beat 1500 player as 740 elo =)

  19. Weeelcome in a absolute monarchy, guys! So nice chess is noooot politic.

  20. I luv Hikaru but I have to condemn this backwards-ass country where women are treated like dogs or vermin, fuck Qatar bro.

  21. He is not actually a GM
    He is the one you sent checkmate the f* GMs ✈️

  22. He extended the game for memes and content 😂

  23. vantika agarwal is not from egypt she is from india check description

  24. L country they violate human rights

    this is plain sportswashing

  25. 22:33 😂 just came to see if anyone had commented on Hikarus little joke, "most explosive move" 🧨🧨 😅

  26. Just me or that intro he does with his over the top expressions make his face so punchable? Like when he bobs his head to music while playing in Arenas.

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