How Does Castling In Chess Work?

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  1. And your rook can not be under attack you forgot that

  2. 3 rules? I think it's 5 rules. You forgot the 2 rules which is there must no pieces that blocking between your king and rook and the next one is the square which will the king will pass must not be under attack.

  3. If you take a peace you go to that square and they go of the board moving 2 pieces

  4. Additional rules he forgot:No pieces in between the rook and kingBoth pieces must be on the same rank

  5. Rule 4 : Pieces can't be between king and rook if you wanna castle

  6. Is there anything that dictates a short vs. long castle, or is it player’s preference?

  7. Just to let you know if someone castle's their king might be in a safer position but try that against me your going to be mated for sure under 5 moves. Those who know the trick they know.😎😎

  8. You failed to explain that castling is a king-move. I've seen people use the rook to castle.

    Not recommended, as that's not legal.

  9. Also you cant castle with rook that is promoted pawn

  10. Actually, open chek on king moves two pices in one move too, cheking pice, and king

  11. you forgot that both the rook and king must be on the same rank in some custom positions you could caslte vertically so they changed the rules so they have to be on the same rank

  12. Promote the E pawn to a rook, you can now castle.

  13. And there also cannot be any pieces obstructing it (this applies more to a long castle, where even the square that the king and took leave empty cannot have a piece on it)

  14. Not the only time. Bishops position can be exchanged and you can get to eliminate 2 pieces of your opponent if all 4 are lined up and your 2 bishop are on the 1st and 4th square and your opponents piece is on the 2nd and 3rd

  15. Him: whats the only time you can move 2 pieces at ones in a chess game
    Him: its called-
    Me: cheating

  16. I love these prefossinal american video 😭❤

  17. also, the player must move the king first
    if he/she accidentally moved the rook first and then the king, it cannot be considered as a castle

  18. I know a place where i move 2 pieces in a move..

    Captures and promotions

  19. Okay today hikaru knew this move by seeing this video very informative

  20. my parents and grand parents would disagree with b and g pawn moving 1 square each

  21. En passant moves both your pawn and the enemy's… out of the board

  22. Sicilian Opening is my favorite opening.

  23. there is actually another rule where they both have to be on the same rank, preventing a pawn promoting to a rook, then on the next move castling O-O-O-O-O-O

  24. Did not know about those check rules and me and my friends may or may not be big cheaters 😬

  25. I like to castle when I'm in danger or take a empty file

  26. Promotions also move two of ones own pieces at once: a pawn off the board, and a major piece onto the board.

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