How does the King move in chess?

In this video we answer the question, ‘how does The King move in chess?’. We cover the basics of moving the piece and also some important caveats to moving The King.

0:00 Intro
0:07 Basic moves
0:36 Moving The King exception#1
01:18 Moving The King exception#2
01:50 Moving The King exception#3
02:28 Castling The King
03:47 Outro

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  1. Ive seen some exanples where a rook has been right in front of a king and can't take it. Why is that? Its like perpetually in check and can't take the rook for some reason

  2. Thank you so much brother. Only one who explained exceptions

  3. Very good explanation but I still don’t have a answer to my question

  4. Let’s say the king has a pawn on its right side. Can the king then move infront of the pawn?

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