How To Castle

Brief demonstration of the proper way to castle according to FIDE Rule 3.8a.ii: “castling’. This is a move of the king and either rook of the same colour on the same rank, counting as a single move of the king and executed as follows: the king is transferred from its original square two squares towards the rook, then that rook is transferred to the square the king has just crossed.”


  1. Belgium The one sometimes comments and makes short says:

    I searched How to Castle Make and Play and got this

  2. Does chess allow swapping normal peices aswell? For example swapping my horse for my castle? Or swapping my diagnal for my soldier? Or my queen for any other piece? And if so, can they also be done during the match?

  3. Is that move all in my turn? Or move king two spaces to the right, wait for my opponent to move next, and then on my move, will I then move the rook on the opposite side of my king?

  4. But when I'm playing at chess in google chrome it doesn't let me move tower past king

  5. Wow, after all these years…I never knew queenside castling is a thing. Thanks

  6. @tictactoeya Hi: This is a very old rule. According to "The Oxford Companion to Chess," early variations on castling date back to the 13th century and by the 16th century castling was well established.

  7. Thank you so much this was so helpful. I was able to kill my sister

  8. Very very helpful any where they go I could counter them

  9. the king can move 2 spaces for this? or does this need to be done in 2 moves to get near the rook.

  10. Why the heck did they make such a random and specific move just for these two?
    It's like if a shooter had a command where you must jump over an ally at the first control point in order to call an airstrike on the second control point while a helicopter picks you up to carry over to the third one

  11. So only in this move is the king able to move 2 squares?

  12. This may very well be the best YouTube video ever curated. Let me explain. The video is 55 seconds long. Very short amount of time to explain a concept that other videos have taken minutes to elaborate on. Within the first five seconds of watching the video, you are informed of the purpose in it's entirety of the video, this is not only extremely helpful to someone who may have accidentally clicked on the video in that their time will not be wasted watching something not relevant to their situation, but that the watcher of the video is reminded that they came here with a purpose. To learn how to Castle in chess. Now let me help you understand why I furthermore believe this video is the best piece of content on this platform. The explanation of castling is provided in it's raw, pure form. No advertising, no small talk or long transitions.
    The video in it's entirety is purely an explanation of how to Castle properly in tournament chess play. Nothing more, nothing less.

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