How to CRUSH vs Equal/Boring Italian Lines!

00:00 The Game!
4:30 Only Got 4 Minutes To Save the Arena!!
5:40 Analysis: Attacking vs the Boring-ness
12:16 Analysis: Win Quick!
15:10 BONUS

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  1. Luckily I find the Italian game interesting. But I need to know when to transpose the Busch Gass into the Italian.

  2. @wgraif, thanks for your videos they are so so fun! What fun gambits do you play against the french? Any recommendation? I have entertaining ideas in most major openings except the boring French

  3. I started to play the Buss-Gass but 98% of my opponents wanna play the most boring lines of the Italian…

  4. The video i was waiting for thanks <3 I can't play BGG because of italian transpositions

  5. Can you play to us the scotch gambit.❤

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