how to do castling in chess in hindi | All the Rules of Castling in Chess Step by Step Tutorial

Hi Friends
Have you ever seen moving of two pieces in a game of chess…..It’s only at time of castling… This is a special move of the king and rook.
Let’s learn this rule in this latest chess lesson/tutorial/video. We have followed step by step process/ tutorial for easy understanding.

Hello Dostoo
Aapne kabhi chess me two pieces ko eksaath move hote hue dekha h…ye keval castling k time hota h…ye ek epecial move h raja aur haathi ka…
To aao seekhte h ye chess rule hamari is video me.

How to do castling in chess in hindi ?
This video contains :
1) how to do castling in chess in hindi
2) how to do castling in chess
3) how to do castle in chess
4) how to do castle in chess in hindi
5) All the Rules of Castling in Chess Step by Step Tutorial in hindi
6) All the Rules of Castling in Chess Step by Step Tutorial
7) how to do castling in chess game
8) castling in chess
9) castling in chess rules
10) castling rules
11) castling chess move
12) castling in chess explained
13) castling move
14) castling on queen side
15) chess castling
16) castling chess
17) castling
18) castle
19) castle in chess
20) chess castle
21) queen castling
22) queen side castling
22) king side Castling
23) king castle
24) king castling
25) what is castling
26) what is castle
27) Castling kaise kre
28) Castling kaise krte h
29) Castling kya hoti h
30)Castling krna sikhe 2 min me
31) Castling kaise kare
32) शतरंज में कैसलिंग कैसे
33) Chess tutorial castling
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  1. Bhai background music band Kardena next video me

  2. Rani or raja ka jgh adlabadli kr sakte hai kya plz tell

  3. Kya king single move kar sakta hai castling me

  4. thanku for this.. but mere bhai itna rone dhone wala bgm kahe lga rkha hai..

  5. Background sound/music thodasa low rakho bro😃

  6. Horizontally to Hati aur Raza ka Castling kar sakte hai lekin vertical line ma Haati ho to castling karsakte hai ya nahi …. Hope u understand what i wanted to say

  7. Thank you Bhaiya for this information.I was really confused in queen side casting but now I am clear
    Bgm mujhe childhood ki yad dila RHA Tha thoda sad type😅

  8. 1:39 You said that, the King can move two steps at a time but as i know the King can move only one step. So please answer me that you are mistaken or I am ?

  9. Whats the background music can anybody tell me ???

  10. King only moves 1 move from start , or can move 2 in first

    And can move without check or not

  11. To sirf first row me castling ho sakti h kya aagar raja aur hati board me dusare row me ho to bhi ho sakta h kya?

  12. How many times we can castle in game ? Is there only 1 or more ?

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