How To Play Chess: Learn All The Rules Of The Royal Game

Learn how to play chess, one of the most popular games on the planet! In this video, IM Danny Rensch will teach you all the rules of the game.

Chess does not need to be complicated. This video will show you all the rules you need to learn to start playing chess. From setting up the board to how each piece moves, Danny will give you hints to remember every rule. Here’s a summary of what you’ll learn in this video:

The pieces

Rooks: rooks move up and down, left and right, for as many squares as they want;
Bishop: bishops move diagonally as many squares as they want;
Queen: queens move to all directions, as many squares as they want;
Knight: knights move like a capital L and jump over other pieces;
Pawn: pawns move up the board one square (or two on their first move) and capture diagonally one square. Pawns also have a special capture called “en passant.”
King: kings move one square in every direction and can’t move into check.

Checks and Checkmate. Draws

When a king is under attack, the king is in check. If the player under attack can’t move their king out of the way, block the attack, or capture the attacking piece, the king is in checkmate, and they lose the game. The game ends in a draw if a king is not under attack and can’t move anywhere (because it would move into check), and there are no other legal moves to make.


There’s another special rule in chess called “castling.” That rule allows players to move their king and one of the rooks at the same time. The king goes two squares to the side of the rook, and the rook jumps over the king and lands next to it. However, players can only castle under certain conditions.

Setting Up The Board

Finally, Danny will teach you how to set up the board, so you can start playing chess over the board!

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00:00 Intro
00:39 The rook
01:05 The bishop
01:44 The queen
02:23 The knight
03:44 The pawn
04:56 Pawn captures
05:30 Pawn promotion
06:25 En passant rule
08:34 The king
09:39 Check
10:30 Getting out of check
11:50 Checkmate
13:27 Stalemate
14:31 Castling
15:54 Two final notes about castling
16:59 Setting up the board

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  1. This is the best beginner tutorial ur not actually talking about randon things and then go to the subject instead u just make it sense!

  2. touching the rook first in castling is illegal right? why he did not mention that? and also a player cannot castle if an enemy piece attacking those squares in between the rook and king..

  3. So you can't jump over allies in the game?

  4. Pawn promotion can be anything, from being knight, bishop, rook and a queen. And a pawn to can kill diagonally, and a pawn can do a secret technique, it's called en passant. So a to pawn is standing right at eachother, the other pawn can capture the pawn diagonally when its formed a two pawn beside eachother, if you move any piece in the board the en passant is illegal or its forbidden. And a pawn to can move two square in a starting potition, u can decide to move the pawn one move or two move. And after that you cannot move two square, and a pawn too has a secret rule, of when the pawn reach the end it can transform into four different pieces [Disclaimer that i already mention it on the beggining of this essay] So that is all i know about the pawns in chess, thank you so much if you like this comment, and if you think this is helpfull too please like or subscribe to my channel. And have a good day bye! btw this is a reminder ok 😀

  5. Thank you for explaining on how to set up a chess board whenever i play on a chessboard we play a game of rock paper scissors to see who moves first.

  6. you explain better than all other videos i watch on yt

  7. I am sending it to my friends so we can play together in the school, Although we are all beginners it is better than being bored in the last class 😃

  8. An excellent video for demonstrating the game! 40 years ago, my dad brought chart paper home from work to draw out all this information; he worked so hard to try to help me master the game. I'm still a beginner, but this video has helped refresh my understanding of en passant and castling. Thank you!

  9. It's called a horse in Hindi, 😀

  10. The beauty of chess,i played 6 games and won 4,drew 1 and lost 1 in school,i placed second in an interschool competition

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