How to Play Chess: Rules for Beginners: Learn Game Basics, Board Setup, Moves, Castling, En Passant

Learn How to Play Chess in Just 12 minutes. This is a beginners guide to ALL the Rules of Chess. Click on the timestamps below to jump directly to a specific topic:
0:00 How to Play Chess! What you’ll learn!
0:32 How to setup the chess board?
1:22 Basics of the game
1:38 How the rook moves?
2:01 How the bishop moves?
2:17 How the queen moves?
2:38 How the knight moves?
3:08 How the pawn moves and captures?
4:21 Pawn promotion
4:48 Game objective/How to win & How the king moves
5:08 What is Check, how to protect your king & what does Checkmate mean?
6:47 What does Stalemate mean?
7:22 Draw by insufficient material
7:41 Draw by 50-Move Rule
8:08 Draw by threefold repetition
8:47 Special Pawn rule – En passant
9:50 Castling – How to castle in chess?

If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comments below. I will be happy to answer & help you out. Let me know in the comments if I have missed out on anything.

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  1. the king can also not castle if the king has moved or the rooj

  2. I want to buy a chess training book for middle level and advanced players. Which can I buy, some one please suggest me with buying link

  3. Please ans. My ques or give video link of that ans.
    Why did king won't able to hit opponent queen sometimes


  5. Can u please tell me which app did u use to play this chess game!?

    Love ur vids❤️❤️


  6. You can also add these points:
    Objective of the game:
    It is a battle field war between two empire

    Who is going to arrest first is the winner

    Two player game

    Should not move other pieces irrelevantly while in check.

    About Attacking, defending, sacrificing

    Should not put king in check

    should not remove the masked piece in check

    About Value(points) of each pieces

    About Timeout

    Touch move rule(can't allowed to change once moved)

  7. 1st Q —-If we had done an en -passant can we do it second time by other pawn to other pawn. 2nd —– If the black rook is placed b3, is it still possible to castle queen side.

  8. I already know Chess but I want to see what this one look like

  9. पॉन प्रमोशन में ऑपॉझिट कलर का पिस ले सकते है क्या?

  10. Can we do castling not in the row of the king and Queen etc. ?

  11. Suppose there is a bishop on a4 and pawn on a2.

    Can pawn captrue the bishop?

  12. i love your videos jeetendra you are Teaching me cheese

  13. The more you play the more you realize you suck

  14. Each Pawn can move two squares in its first move? Or only the very first opener pawn?

  15. Such a knowledgeable video 💝💝👍👍… I feel like a pro just by seeing the video 😅

  16. If the rucks is beside the king so the king can remove rucks or not

  17. you forgot to mention you cannot castle INTO check

  18. very nice tutorial, i had tried to understand from a website but was unable to

  19. I was wondering how you would teach chess in 12 minutes. You did it! I’m very impressed. For all who are learning to play, this is the greatest game in the world. Enjoy!

  20. You explain it so well. I wanted to learn chess after watching the movie The Queens Gambit. I don't have any slightest idea whats happening in the game and what the pieces called, etc. So, thank you for this video. Its simple and easy to understand.

  21. You have missed the rule “ you cannot castle if after castling your king will land into check”

  22. When checked the king can capture the piece or not???

  23. what chess software are you using on this video?

  24. I m not able to understand en passant rule plz teach me clearly and slowly

  25. All these special moves are silly. But i can understand the pawn special move. Especially when players can be cocky and think if they move a pawn two spaces next to the white spawn, they can't take that piece. So to prevent cockiness, this rule is special to pawns.

  26. When pawn is attacking he should move 1 box only

  27. King can’t capture another king is obvious! But can a identical elements (example: bishops can capture another bishop) capture each other?

  28. Refresher for me while playing with my grandson who is a smart cookie…Grandma needs a few tips! Thanks!

  29. I searched many videos from popular yt channels but any of those did not have this much clearity as yours
    I wish YouTube had your this video at the very top so I could get this helpful video earlier but sadly YouTube hasn't ranked at top.. but no problem lemme tell you that you are awesome

  30. Do every pawn in their initial move can take two steps?

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