I Played Anna Cramling at a Chess Tournament (but there was a twist!)

This was a game played at a streamers only chess tournament called Chess 18 atop the wilderness and snowy mountains in Utah. The unique thing about this event is that the starting position is shuffled, akin to Fischer random, but the rook and kings always stay in the same position as regular chess, so the rules of castling stay the same. That means there are only 18 starting positions, which is kind of cool.

So basically this is like regular chess except there are no openings!

Check out more info at

Anna’s YT:


  1. Why is deathnote theme in the background

  2. I really like the video but I would have preferred to see the top down view of the board the entire duration. It's hard as a newbie to keep up with the moves if the board keeps getting cropped out

  3. I need levy sacrificing his rook against guruji

  4. The world champion hits with a new match on his channel.

  5. Woww the Collab we didn't knew we wanted… ❤❤

  6. Now I actually wanna see botez and levy playing against Gauri sir

  7. Anna had a really good position for how lopsided the elo was, but you put that pressure on!

  8. Gauri drinks water the same way i did when i was 3yo

  9. I was under the impression you were better than Gotham and a GM but you said Anna is rated only a little bit less than you

  10. Sad anna doesn't have a pinned comment thanking Gauri with a good game.

  11. I love your channel ❤ . Just one point of feedback – it’s a bit hard to follow the game without a fixed diagram of the board

  12. I noticed that deathnote music in the background. Knew it sounded familiar.

  13. For someone so happy and cuddly you’re like a python squeezing the life out of in the end game

  14. The evaluation bar is inaccurate until after both sides castle or move their king

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